The Response

Sneaking in another quick update so that I can keep up the “one post a month” regime. Left with 2 finals and a presentation until I am done with Y4S1. That Week 12-13 stretch is probably one of the most intense week that I have experienced as a student, got especially grumpy and overly sensitive during that period. I’m relieved that I got through that tough phase, with the mind and soul having some breathing space. It’s good to go through hard times because it trains your mentality and when it is all over, you will come out a little stronger.

This semester has been challenging in a slightly unique way because of the mass projects. Y3S2 was still technically the most challenging and content heavy, but Y4S1 was painfully unenjoyable because of project-based grading. I’m not a big fan of collaborative projects as I’m more of a studying person who likes to work independently. Always secretly praying not for group meetings to happen LOL. With projects (almost) out of the way, I feel that I’m back to my peaceful state of studying actual content instead of busy editing Google Docs or Slides HAHAHA. Reliving JC days where I did my intense mugging in Bugis Library, going for quick meals because I’m always petrified about my books and notes getting moved away by the librarians. I have 3 weeks to cover 2 modules, which is really a very long time. Time will unfortunately fly though and before you know it, it’s day for the finals and I would be wondering where did all that time go whoops.

Y4S1 life in a snapshot

Mentality as a Year 4 has been very carefree as I am more focused on living life as a student instead of caring about pulling back my CAP. Like I should be desperate and motivated to pull myself out back to 2nd upper, but nope I’m like whatever goes~ The thought of me being stuck in my current CAP has never struck me, which is kinda freaky. Still hate myself so fucking much for the previous semester, but yes shit just happens. Feeling slightly distant from the biz people because the only we talk about are job opportunities, FSP and group projects LOL. Okays its more of everyone being more foreign as we all get caught up in our own lives…

This later half of the year has been more calming to the soul as I got rid of a lot of “excess baggage”. I wouldn’t say I am more happy per say; but a lot of less angst which typically equates to more happiness. Just following principles that I mentioned here before: do the things you love that makes you happy, and be with people who genuinely care. Those who truly care and make an effort versus those who only know how to talk… the difference is blatantly obvious. To those who took me for granted, sorry but I do not need people like you in my life. Yes, I am a nice person, but if you cross the line too many times, things can change very quickly.

Much frustration and sighing moments as I reach the end of November, but omg 11 months gone already and closing in to 1 semester remaining as a student?!! I was freezing away in Stockholm just last year zomg; 1 year can really make a lot of difference.

The Climb

October update time! Having the discipline to post at least once every month has been harder than I thought; and the challenge is actually having something worth updating about rofl. No new happenings in life since the last time I posted here; just the same ol’ shit with moments of gratitude along the way.

Y4S1 in a not so small nutshell so far: No midterms this semester but deadlines are piling up; it’s one project deliverable after another. It’s really a semester filled with just projects, and I’m here just wishing that I am not a burden to the groups that I am in. Group projects for level 4k modules aren’t as simple as straightforward as before, and clashes are bound to happen when opinions differ. Maybe I’m not used to having such a high proportionate of the workload being project-based so it has been a lot of visits to Starbucks typing away on the Macbook in Google Drive HAHAHA.

always going to be an uphill battle

Sometimes I wonder if getting that PO is really as good as it appears to be… Motivation is totally non-existent and I can feel that I am not “desperate enough” to be hardworking. I wouldn’t say I have been COMPLETELY overwhelmed, as the stress factor of needing to do well is much alleviated. Freedom in the form of winter holidays feel so far away, even though it is already mid October. Only 2 finals but one of them is on the last day of the exam period, which kills any travel plans sadly because a getaway would have been really good. Just going to take it week by week, deadline by deadline. 

Haven’t really taken care of the body; many nights of bad sleep, falling sick and getting injuries. You really need to listen to your own body, and you can’t just rely on willpower and determination to fight through. Haven’t been on social media much as well, which has been revitalising as comparison really stops and you feel contented with what you have. (plus the fact that social media can be such a blatant lie at times)  Indeed, social circles get smaller, responsibilities become heavier and threshold for bullshit gets much lower. Sick and tired of one-sided friendships/relationships and I know that I may not have given a fair chance for some, but sorry I’m really tired of needing to deal with such emotional bullshit. Optimism for #lastyearbestyear did feel like it’s shrinking, the laziness has definitely sinked into daily habits. Not good… not good at all.

Was backing up my photos during exchange (holy shit 9 months of procrastination) and I came across this post that I took a screenshot in my phone. Just going to copy it here as a friendly reminder for myself:

7 Secrets of Happiness

1. Have a good core group of friends.

2. Build some adventure into your life. Don’t fall into “the same old, same old”.

3. Research confirms that “stuff won’t make us happy” so clear out the junk – and only keep what you love.

4. Work on establishing balance in your life. Don’t be too busy or you’ll wind up depressed.

5. Give in to temptation every now and again. Too much discipline is boring in the end.

6. Like and appreciate yourself. Take time to notice and affirm your strengths.

7. Start living in the moment – don’t doubt every move. Accept your decision as the best one right now.


I always believed that the start for any journey is the hardest, and it has stayed the same. But it’s not how you start, it’s how you end it that really matter.  Yes it will hurt; it will take time; it will require dedication; it will require that drive. It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger. 

One In A Million

It’s useless to be mad on those who ruined your mood
When it’s unsolvable as you think, take a deep breath temporarily
Whatever they say, don’t be afraid
Shout out loud with the only voice in the world

I was contemplating doing my September post either now or during recess week, but feels were strong to type out one tonight. In the midst of a “busy” start to the last year of school, there hasn’t been an urge to do a post as other priorities in life start to pile in. Yes adult-ing is real and more responsibilities fall into our laps; so less excuses, less distractions, less procrastinating.

It wasn’t the most comfortable start during the first few weeks of school. I am only taking 3 modules with a FSP this semester, and my earliest lesson starts at noon? Omg this is a total heaven for the night owl life, but the body clock has been accustomed to waking up early ever since internship. Not sure whether it is a good or bad thing, but there is something about doing things at night which helps in bringing in the inner peace. Content-load wise it is actually not as bad as last semester, but the dreaded group work arrives as I am working with mostly unfamiliar people (acquaintances). I know it would be the same in the work place, but situations where you need to form groups make me realise the insignificant number of friends in the faculty. Okays this is quite a superficial problem HAHAHA so count your blessings, not your problems.

The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory

The lack of motivation is very strong; both in classes and in terms of a more serious job search, yet another instance of feeling lost & still wondering I want to accomplish in this last year. #lastyearbestyear still stands, as there has been many instances of the reinforcement of the life principles I love . It’s still the same ol’ shit: Grateful for the constants, blessed for the new. Yes no one is perfect, but there are just pet peeves that yours truly cannot stand. Not going to state them here, but I have encountered and witnessed too much of the people/cases. You always have 2 ways around it: either you fight it or you ignore it. I choose the option where I don’t let insignificant things get into my head. It’s all about finding tranquility amidst the storm, so work hard in silence and let your success make the noise.

Meanwhile, the mom is off back in Taiwan for a month, while the sister stays in school most of the time. It kinda felt like I was transported back to exchange lifestyle; just me and my Macbook in my room. It was a journey of finding the best version of myself back then, and it’s the same now just in a less foreign environment. Keep pushing, keep moving and get back to the right healthy mentality. 

Thought Reel

where the best stories are found between the pages of a passport

P.S. Same drill as the previous time, drop me a message if you want to read my password protected post. Sorry there have been too many lurkers omg, thinking whether I should just private this whole WordPress at this rate roflmao.

Happy one-year anniversary to myself since I flew off to Stockholm for exchange. The moment when I stepped into the departure area myself is still fresh in the mind: saying final goodbyes before getting on the plane, flying to Stockholm via transit in Doha, then flying again to Prague via transit in Helsinki. Over 24 hours of solo travelling before finally rendezvousing with Y, and it was just the start of an amazing 5 months in Europe which I could never have imagined. Time really flies but memories made will never grow old. I dreaded being back in Singapore so much; as exchange was the most stress-free period I ever had and the only anxiety I had was not travelling enough HAHA. Yes afterwards it was an absolutely shitty semester (by far academically the worst), but I’m glad it happened because it taught me priceless life lessons. Yes emotions were on a rollercoaster as disappointment grew with the people around me, but it taught me not to plant expectations towards others. It wasn’t just about the travelling and exploration; it was making the happier choices in life and taking action so you can see your own wishes turns to reality.

Learning to walk away from toxicity, and blessed enough to gain a bit in return. Work hard, stay humble and be thankful for the many things that are going right.

I wrote the above quote in a caption in IG, as it really summed up the first half of my year. When you move on and look forward, things will fall into place when you least expect it; and indeed it did. I managed to secure my summer internship at a Big 4 audit firm which was something I always wanted, and was given the priority offer to work there full-time in the future. I found myself an FSP group (thank you L for your contacts) and we managed to secure a good project which I really look forward to doing. I passed something that I never ever thought I would and received an awesome opportunity to learn and improve even more. I somehow managed to swap out of my horrendous evening lesson as well omg. Heck, even passing my IPPT felt like a great achievement HAHAHA. I didn’t clear my window for IPPT yet, so it was legit scary because I had to pass or I would be faced with RTs. I was gladly surprised that I comfortably passed it, oh my what a shocker indeed HAHAHA. I give credit to dancing for keeping my fitness at a good level ROFL.

Life after internship actually has been busy for the right reasons; same drill as always: in the evenings if I’m not meeting people then I’m most likely dancing. In a blink of an eye, poof my holidays are gone already and I am faced with yet another new semester. I did feel that I could have spent my remaining holidays in a much more fruitful way, but at my age (I really make myself sound older than I actually am whoops) lying on bed doing nothing can feel so damn good. Been watching random shows such as Masterchef & Knowing Brothers, and omg I will miss times like this which I can just binge watch without any worries. Spent a short 4D3N back at Khatib for reservist, omg did it feel weird to be wearing the green uniform again. It was really good seeing familiar faces whom I spent 1.5 years with, we all have changed our own ways but some group dynamics remain the same. I’m no more the crazy fanboy I was in the past and gladly overtaken by others HAHA, and we still poke fun at each other from past incidents as we relieve immature moments back when we were still 20 year old boys counting down to ORD; I guess some things never change.

till the next time indeed

Seeing everyone around me go overseas, be it graduation trips, short getaways or summer schools; I really missed travelling and that feeling of being in another country. But nay no money LOL, so I’m stuck in Singapore but a trip out of a country should be in the works soon (Japan? Taiwan? Korea?). Spent a lot of time procrastinating being organised and clearing the room; just happy relieved that I managed to stop being lazy and take some action, so no more excuses for the new semester. It was a summer holiday without much goals in mind, but it feels good to be lost in the right direction. I am happy that I’m also writing a lot more here as well (the monthly streak in 2017 hasn’t been broken yet), and it hasn’t been clouded with negative vibes so this summer holiday was a long overdue break from everything in life. Had a recent talk with the sister, and we realise the world we weren’t exposed to back in DHS is actually so fucking screwed. DHS was really a safe heaven and the outside world just gets even uglier as we grow older. I wonder whether I have unknowingly turned toxic among all these chaos LOL, but in the end you just have to be strong enough in the head to not let those affect you in a negative manner.

Time now gets even more precious so don’t waste it on meaningless things. People #lastsembestsem, I #lastyearbestyear HAHAHA because time doesn’t wait for the last semester. Still ever so grateful that I am still able to meet new people and forge new friendships even towards the end of my student life, while still maintaining the ones that still matter. Approaching this last year of student life, that phase of life is finally coming for real after numerous posts of me talking about it in the past. Year 3 did flew by blistering fast, and the one life principle that I kept at through the year was how more true to myself I was. 3 core modules + FSP this semester; timetable looks really chillax but it doesn’t account the behind-the-scenes work I have to do for them. The guys were just saying how in the working life, you just have to do your job while back in school, you need to just keep chionging because there isn’t a upper limit and you just need to keep studying to get in front of the competition. No idea what to expect because this semester is full of variables, and I believe before you know it time will fly… POOF end of finals and end of 2017. Just give me the strength and willpower to survive 1 more year of being a student.

Laugh a little more, cry a little less, smile a lot more.

The Fighter

Yays to actually writing more on a regular basis here heh, as this post will be on slightly deeper thoughts rather on the normal life updates. Y was talking about how his internship offer was a validation, and in the end everyone out there just needs that little push to start that motor running again. This is me hoping that this post becomes this small reminder for that push I need.

10 weeks, end of summer internship round 2. The structured internship that I wrote about in my cover letters… well let’s just say what I experienced was different from what I envisioned it to be. The mindset coming into this internship as compared to last year’s one is really different; as I have different expectations and different goals I wished to achieve. Rather than learning more audit itself as a profession, I got exposed much more to everything else; from office politics, team dynamics, developing interpersonal skills and the realities of the working world. The closest friends I made through internship was a Year 1 girl from NTU (4 years age gap omg cries) from another department, and another intern from SMU who was in advisory internal audit. Life continues to amaze me like seriously, as I would never expected myself to click well with people outside of my department. Ultimately, this internship provided a snapshot of the working world which I would be stepping in real soon, and it teaches you to really treasure student life where you have a superficial set of worries.

In the end, I got the thing I was aiming for at the beginning of the internship: that darn priority offer. Everyone in my department got it LOL, so it didn’t feel anything extraordinary but it still had that fine pinch of happiness when I held it in my own hands. There was a moment of relief among us when we opened our letters to see our POs because the constant worrying was over. The sister and I were joking how both of us are technically employed already, which is a position we are very fortunate to be in. I do not need to worry about pushing the CAP back up, and the pressure to search for a job in the future is no more. Pursuing audit as a full-time profession is a different story; and to be honest I liked what I do. The doubts come in the questions in whether I can handle the poor work-life balance of the job, along with the usual office politics that everyone in a company has to handle. Adulthood is real, and responsibilities are coming in because no one will be spoon feeding or taking care of you anymore. 

be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud

During the previous semester, I let my emotions get the better of me and before the summer holidays started I decided to take a step back. Back to simplicity, just meeting people whom I miss and doing the things I love. I have been spending time with slightly different groups of people and honestly, the mood feels way better. Still haven’t walked completely away from a specific toxic environment, but I’m keeping my distance. Don’t ask me why I walked away from certain people or treat people differently, I’m just like a mirror: I reflect my actions on how people treat me. Maybe I turned more selfish idk, but my threshold for shitty humans have decreased. Throughout this summer, I turned to dance (which I will talk in detail in a different post) and grew to really enjoy the process of learning and improving. A few years ago, I turned to running to occupy my time/generate endorphins/release stress and ended up doing a marathon, so the sky is really the limit from here.

And onto slightly different, I have witnessed too many cases of people letting the infatuated feeling get the better of them. I absolutely hate the feeling that you need another person who probably doesn’t care as much to validate yourself. I’m not saying it’s awful to like someone (who doesn’t HAHA), it’s just you are so much more than what others think of you. Looking back to exchange, one of the main reasons I really enjoyed the fuck out of it because I only needed to care about myself. Maybe I’m just not ready to let someone else into my life, and the sense of independence from exchange that I grew doesn’t help the cause. 靠山山会倒, 靠人人会跑,幸福还是靠自己最好. I said this before to myself and to others: it’s perfectly okay to think about yourself because no one else to going to look out for you. What others think about you isn’t important at all; be so busy improving yourself that you do not have time to criticise others. 

Year 1 summer was all about new journeys out of the comfort zone. Yes it didn’t work out, but I would have regretted if I haven’t try and thankful for the experiences I had. Year 2 summer was more of a blur, as it was just internship and preparing for exchange. Year 3 summer? There’s still time left and I haven’t planned on what I want to do. Spent the first week organising the room; it has looked the neatest ever since I came back from exchange. Next week is reservist so I’m left with 2 weeks, which I want to make as damn fulfilling as it can be. Slowly feeling like life is slightly back on track after weeks of autopilot? Be a fighter, and fight on.

Everyone encounters some type of struggle and pressure, which rips them apart and tortures them mentally. until there’s no one there to support them, and they feel like giving up. Just keep going, and you’ll reach there someday. Failure isn’t the worst thing in the world, and you leave behind our scars of the past, and pursue our dreams no matter the obstacles in our path. You’re always faced with the option to give up, or the option to learn from your mistakes, and continue. #RIPChester

Life of a NUS Business (Acc) Student: AY 16/17 Semester 2

P.S. I didn’t intend to finish this post so fast but I felt it would be good to release it as early as possible so that others could read it before the semester starts. I started on this post 1 month ago but edited accordingly so as to give an accurate reflection of the semester not clouded too much by emotions. Sorry no pictures again, didn’t take much photos throughout the semester.

Year 3 done & dusted! After a semester of exchange, the brain has been inactive but re-activated  as this semester is by far the most academically challenging. Okay I always say it’s the hardest semester ever LOL… but this semester was particularly challenging because it was just content overload everywhere and I didn’t manage my time well. Took all core modules this semester, 4 of which were the ACC3k modules so I’m left with ACC3619 for the last year.

It didn’t feel good at all to be back from an environment which was entirely stress free, to one where you constantly have to worry about deadlines every week. All my modules this semester were pre-assigned to me and I had a 3 day work week, which was nice but I found myself still being in school for all days of the week due to projects or CCA. On hindsight, maybe I should have dropped 1 of the accounting cores as the level of content from exchange to now was just BOOMZ. The mindset and lifestyle underwent a drastic change, so I was just glad the semester was over and move on from a clean state in the next and final year of the student journey.

Because I’ll take a picture in front of this sign during my last semester HAHAHA

ACC3604 Corporate & Securities Law

The only module for the semester that I liked the professor, Senior Lecturer Julie Huan. The module mainly focuses on company law, so your bread and butter here is the Companies Act and it will be good if you can get a hard copy of the act (you will need it for finals).

Course assessment consists of 20% class/forum participation, 30% group presentations & 50% finals. For group presentations, each group will present 2 times and you will have to do a report along with the presentation as well. Preparation for class discussions can be exhausting and time consuming, so this isn’t a straightforward course as there is no fixed answer. Although some questions in the class discussions are the same as previous years, Prof Huan will be able to tell if you just copy and paste so it is best if you are able to create your own original content for your assignment. If only it was as easy as it seems, as you are up against a professor with plenty of years of experience both as a professor and a practicing lawyer.

I didn’t do well for biz law back then, so I kinda have a mental block that I couldn’t do well in a similar module. I didn’t class part here AT ALL, as discussions were too high level that I couldn’t contribute anything substantial. Even reading up on cases and reading the act didn’t help me in my preparation for seminars. Given how well I did for class participation back as a Year 1 for corporate law, I knew that I screwed up quite a bit in finals that I didn’t achieve my desired grades. This setback probably shows that I just suck at writing law essays, because honestly I thought I answered well for the questions in the finals. Well, apparently not and not even fucking close LOL. 

Final Grade: C 

ACC3606 Advanced Corporate Accounting & Reporting

Better known as the hardest accounting module you will ever take in NUS, because it wouldn’t be as simple as just a few accounting entries. The module was taught by 2 professors, Adjunct A/P Sardool Singh and one who shan’t be named. 2 group projects, class participation and 1 shit in your pants finals which constitutes of 60% of your total grade. You are allowed 1 cheat sheet for the finals, so know what you want to include and squeeze all you can onto that paper.

A/P Sardool took topics such as accounting for financing instruments, FOREX, etc. He is a very knowledgeable professor so I would recommend being super attentive to his teaching. Like I mentioned, this module is hard so having a prof which is able to break it down to understandable parts is a major plus. The first project is on heavy application of recently revised FRS, so unlike the other project no one knows the correct answer as everything is subjective.

The second group project on consolidation is just lifted questions from the textbook. The questions usually have similar formats so if you have friends who took this module before, ask them for their answers so you can check if you are on the right track. This half of the module was particularly challenging because the professor taught it in a different manner when doing journal entries is the normal method. Everyone wasted a lot of time having to learn back the normal method because no one could understand what he was doing. The module is already hard enough, so why not make it harder? THANKS NUS roflmao.

The scary thing is that in reality, these accounting entries are way complicated than what we study in theory (which we are dying already). Like any accounting modules that involves heavy calculation, practice makes perfect! Try your best to understand how each accounting entry works to make the most out of the practices. Don’t be surprised that you will spending the most time on this module because it is that difficult.

Final Grade: B

ACC3614 Valuation

The “least accounting” module out of the 4 accounting cores I took during the semester, you won’t be going through any journal entries and more of calculations. Those who took higher level finance modules (especially FIN3001) in NUS would have a small advantage in understanding the concepts. The things you will be learning are just valuation of various financial instruments and REITs (the topic of REIT is solely for project).

The module was split into 2 parts, the first half is taught by “he who shan’t be named” yet again and the second half by Dr Lin Yupeng. Mid-terms were just wtf; the best analogy to describe it is imagine yourself being taught how to fish, but the test gives you the fish and ask you to cook in different ways (LOL okay that’s a terrible analogy). Finals were more straightforward though, Prof Lin recycles questions from past-year papers; meaning he just changes the values in the questions. Each exam was 30% and allows you to take two A4 cheatsheets into the exam venue, so there isn’t a need to memorize formulas as it is more of test of applications. Quizzes are recycled as well and open-book, so just print out those from previous semesters.

Final Grade: B

ACC3616 Corporate Governance & Risk Management

The “fluff” module for the semester; where it is possible to smoke your way through everything. Yet another module where 2 professors taught 6 weeks each; A/P Mak Yuen Teen for the first half and Mr Paul Gween for the second half. A/P Mak is a well-known figure in the CG industry so you shouldn’t try to smoke him during tutorial presentation and your written reports. There isn’t much avenue to class part so it shouldn’t be a difference maker. Instead of the usual FRS accounting policies you read, you study frameworks and guidelines which you will use to apply on various cases. Through the module, you will understand more about how board of directors work, along with certain key areas such as the various committees and remuneration structure. Course assessment is straightforward: 10% tutorial presentation, 10% class participation, 30% group project and 50% finals.

Not much variance in the marks given for the CA components except for finals. Finals are open book so if you have the time (which I didn’t whoops), it would be advantageous if you are able to write up your own notes as the notes provided are “everywhere”. You will face the problem of not being able to complete the paper, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various cases and frameworks so when you read a question, you instantly know where to flip and copy down.

Final Grade: B+

BSP2005 Asian Business Environment

The only module I took this semester which had the old 2 hour lecture 1 hour tutorial format. Me & JQ bidded the same tutorial slots but got assigned different timings, so I didn’t know anyone in the tutorial and got grouped with 2 random students. Our group had to do the first group presentation and I was still in “sobs I want to go back exchange” mode, needless to say it didn’t turn out good. The only positive outlook presenting first was that I had one less thing to worry about when the term progresses.

Course assessment includes 5% in lecture polls, 25% weekly online quizzes, 20% group presentation, 20% class participation, 30% finals. You just need to attend lectures or be online during the lecture timings to get that 5%, and everyone will be comparing answers for the online quizzes, so you would see little to no variance in those 30%. The professor will release all the grades of the CA components so you will know where you stand before the finals.

Finals are just mehhh because it is mainly off the readings and every week you have around 2-4 readings to read. Granted you will have to read them anyway to complete the quiz, but there was no guidelines on things to note during the readings and there was no direction given so have fun reading 100 pages worth of readings… That was the thing I hated the most about the module; the fact that they didn’t give us any learning objectives which could have facilitated understanding.

Never liked the format and content of the module. Although there were some interesting guest lecturers, I found it a burden to study for this module due to the lack of direction. Those matriculating in 2017 and after, CONGRATS you don’t have to worry about this module because it’s not in your new revised curriculum.

Final Grade: C+


CAP (for Y3S2): 3.1

Overall CAP (till Y3S2): 3.89

Initial thoughts were: “You got to be fxxking kidding me.” Completely shitty semester, omfg my heart totally sank into the bottomless pit and it felt absolutely sick to the stomach. I expected myself to not do very well this semester, but NOT THAT HORRENDOUS. Oh my fxxking goodness that C for corp law is just absolutely filthy to the CAP. I even had to check the school website to see if C was a pass for the module lmao. Shows the importance of consistency; as 1 bad semester can really screw you up. The fact that my “base” wasn’t stable due to the many SUs over the semester made the drop even worse. What a complete meltdown sobs. 

I did my own calculations on how much I need to score to maintain getting second upper; borderline Bs would be able to achieve that goal but oh man the C absolutely killed the CAP. I wasn’t even mad at the C+ because I really disliked the module. Time to go find easy UEs and score high grades to pull it back up, and I won’t be pursuing the finance specialization because it isn’t viable for me to continue taking 3k fin modules. Crossing fingers for more As in the last year and a good FSP journey because it would be quite a bit to pull the CAP back. Time to go full super saiyan close mugger mode? LOL worst timing ever to receive this wake-up call but less ranting, more putting in of effort.

FXXK LAW oh my goodness gracious…

Life of a NUS Business (Acc) Student: AY 16/17 Semester 1 (Exchange)

Old Town @ Tallinn

It felt weird if I skipped a semester of module reviews even though I was on exchange. Thus, I decided to do a review anyways despite this being over 6 months overdue. I know it’s hard to relate unless you (the reader) are going to the exact same university, so I’ll keep the module reviews short and allocate more words on some tips in terms of studying and module planning for exchange.

For my SEP, I spent my Year 3 Semester 1 in Stockholm University (SU) in Sweden for this semester. It was my last choice so amidst the competitive semester I was grateful to just be able to get a slot. The 2 core modules I really wanted to map overseas were BSP3001 & MNO2007, so I only applied to schools which offered both the above modules. The semester in SU is split into 4 periods and how it works is that you will complete 1 module every month, instead of studying for all your modules continuously back in NUS. It definitely felt weird as it’s just 1 month of intensive studying for 1 module, and it was interesting nonetheless to experience a different education system in another continent.

P.S. For SU the grading system is as follows: A = 90 & above, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69, E = 50-59; and you need an E to pass. 

Fundamentals of Strategic Management

Mapped to: BSP3001 Strategic Management

This module is THE module to map if you are going for exchange. All the NUS Business peeps did this module together so I had the luxury of going the group project with my schoolmates. Did a case study on IKEA, group project on BMW and ended with a final test of 30 MCQs. Our group skipped the tutorials that we were not presenting to go travelling HAHA (yes this is the essence of exchange). Prof liked NUS students for some reason so did well in the CA components,  so I came into the finals slightly overconfident because I knew of the fact that I only needed to pass. Finished the paper within 20 minutes and left the venue to prepare for my first solo trip.

Final Grade: D

Fashion Marketing

Mapped to: MKT3422X Topics in Marketing.

Took this module with E, even though the ideal module for me to take during Period 2 is Corporate Finance (FIN3101), but dumb me didn’t do his module planning in a smart fashion. (this shows the importance of module planning kids HAHA) I could have taken a level 4000 finance module but it had a lot of pre-requisites so I decided to make life simple and take a marketing module instead.

I always found marketing to be a fun topic, so I was okay with taking this module because it gave me a chance to have a taste of how marketing is like without needing to worry about the end result. The module turned out to be slightly disappointing as I felt like it didn’t really value add to what I already knew about marketing. My group did an analysis of Adidas Originals for our project, which was really done in a half-fuck way. Finals were really simple because 50% of the paper was a copy and paste from last semester’s paper.

Final Grade: A (maybe I should change course and go to specialize marketing? lmao what a joke hahaha)

Business Ethics

Mapped to: MNO2007 Leadership & Ethics

A module I did alone I was assigned to this module several times and had to keep requesting to drop the module. I have friends who did well in this module back in NUS but given how bad I did for MNO1001 and it’s another 30% class participation module, it was a module I really really wanted to map overseas. This is one of the modules that isn’t commonly offered as compared to other modules (Among universities in Korea, only KU offered it).

Got grouped with a Swed, a French and a HK girl for this module, and it was only me who studied English as their main language. I had to go through a lot of pain to edit our paper because there were several grammatical and phrasing mistakes. The most memorable part of the module is how I trekked through a freaking snowstorm just to give a presentation, only to see half of my group missing when I arrived LOL. (yes fellow exchangers also not caring about school haha) 

The finals were something I was scared of failing because it was purely based on the textbook. I didn’t even buy the textbook, which cost $100 and I’m not going to spend that amount of money on studies for exchange please HAHA. Okay the real reason I was scared was because the re-test was in the middle of my travelling plans so I really had to pass it, which I did thankfully. In the end, it’s a relief that I managed to finally clear this module.

Final Grade: B

Finance II

Mapped to: FIN3102 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Mostly calculations and to be honest, I felt it was easier than FIN2004 I took 1 year ago. The module was a whole was super straightforward and there was nothing complicated with the formulas learnt. There was online quizzes and a short paper which was done in pair work for continual assessment. Tutorials and past year papers are more than enough for revision of the final examination.

The final examination was 4 hours long so it’s opposite of what I usually face back in NUS: I have way more than enough time to finish my paper here. The joke of this module was how I pointed out an error in the question, and I was told that there was nothing wrong with the question. After 15 minutes, the professor announced the exact same error… yeahhhhh seriously? *insert bitch please emoji*. Yays to clearing a finance module here in Sweden!

Final Grade: A

happy mind, happy life

Final Thoughts + Tips on SEP 

I found myself having more than 1 month to travel because I ended my semester much earlier than my peers in SU. The norm is to take 1 module in each period, but I cleared 2 modules in Period 3 so my semester effectively ended at the end of November. YES TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL!!! I listed some goods and bads about going to SU, which are as follows:

Why NOT SU? ):

  • If you are tight with your finances; Stockholm can be an expensive city to have your exchange in.
  • If your attention is to overload, because SU is one of the school which only allows you to take 4 modules and give you a free dummy UE module to make sure you clear 20MCs.
  • Not much variety of CCAs you can join, but then again you won’t have time to attend them if you are constantly on the move!

Why SU? 🙂

  • Very chill timetable, not very strict on attendance. You will find yourself with a lot of free time to travel 😛
  • You will find yourself having to put much less effort into studying (this is true for nearly all universities in Europe, but there are a few universities where you do have to study properly to pass)
  • English standard in Sweden is very high relative to other European countries, so no language barriers and I dare say locals in Scandinavian countries (which include Finland & are the nicest people ever.
  • Transport is as good as 24/7 in Stockholm, although frequency is much lower in the wee hours in the morning, so you won’t find yourself stuck if you are travelling in and out of the country at weird timings.
  • Did I mention Swedish Lapland is one of the best winter experiences ever? There are many student tours available from Stockholm and okay I nearly froze to death there HAHA.

In regards to module mapping and planning, the best tip I can give is to have contingencies/Plan Bs, because you might not be able to get all your preferred modules. This is especially important for accountancy students who do not have many UEs to play with in their module planning. If you can’t really map business modules and have to do UEs during SEP, be prepared that you might need to overload in your future semesters, so check that you will be able to clear your university-level requirements!

The worst case scenario is that you fail a module overseas, so study enough to pass but don’t go mugging like crazy because no one is going to care if you get straight As during your SEP. It’s not wrong to study hard, but you are wasting precious time overseas if you over-study; time which you could have used to travel around.

Apologies for the slight deviation and constant mentioning of travelling, but I really did break a lot of boundaries during exchange and it was a truly awesome possum semester which I am grateful that I had the opportunity to go for. To those who are reading this and going for your own SEPs,  There will be times where every exchange student have their own struggles, be it being home sick, missing your friends and family, or hating the weather. The months you spend abroad may seem like a long time, but as soon as it is all over, you wonder what happened to them. You might think you have a lot of time, but poof in no time you will be back in Singapore. When it all ends, all the mix of emotions you experienced will be all worth it.


too young, too dumb to realise…

P.S. To friends who want to read my previous post about dance, drop me a message and I will pm you the password. The post isn’t meant for everyone to read (more of a self-reflection) so those who read it, hope you find it a meaningful post.

Week 8 of internship; as I’m now at the end of June (and it’s Seohyun’s birthday HAHAHA, excuse the fanboy) and the last weeks of this short journey. The countdown always feels faster once you go past the halfway mark. Getting used to the mundane yet exhausting work-life balance, as it leads to much rethinking about future plans in life. Indebted towards whatever lucky stars and guardian angels that are continuing to shine on me as I have been plotted to good assignments (as it always can be much worse). Got hopped around many engagements so I didn’t get to build much relations with the seniors I worked with, so I would sadly expect not to get a PO from the company. Nonetheless, I’m glad to get a taste of how working for a Big 4 company feels like, and office politics are inevitable as there are some who will try to step over you. The motivation and drive (sorry for my lack of vocabulary) that was present at the beginning vanquished completely, as I wonder after going through a second audit internship; is audit the career path that I really want to go?

It has been quite a while since release of results, but I’m still getting onto terms with fucking up my previous semester. Reality stinks and I have to face the fact that I fucked up, so the mood hasn’t been great recently. I thought I had a direction in life to get me back on track again, but now it feels like I’m going through the motion of everyday life. I’m referring to myself just doing the regular things in life (work, eat, dance, meet, talk) and not really doing much thinking about what I really want.  Promotion list for seniors in the company got released publicly recently, and J use the analogy of our own results being released in public and being able to see which people drop class as a comparison. Feels much more harsh and painful when you use an analogy that you can fully relate to. Getting disappointed is just a part of life so what matters is how you overcome it. Another reminder that in difficult times, it’s more important than ever to be there for each other and to help each other heal.

because we all have our own fights

Rewinding back to the early part of the month, as part of the internship programme, my orientation group of interns did a half-day CIP event for kids who were going through cancer and other various life-threatening diseases. The actual playing with kids was only 2 hours, but it taught me to treasure the little things in life that we choose to neglect because we are too zoomed into every little negativity that happens in our lives. The rethinking about how to spend my last year as a student, wow can’t believe it’s actually becoming reality. Seeing friends going through this phase of life, and now it will be my turn soon. The me in the workplace and the me after work feels like 2 totally different persons when they should be co-existing. Similarly I portray different sides of me, but the real and truthful side of me doesn’t appear often. Friendships become even more fragile as priorities change even more when you move towards the next phase of life; people change, feelings change, things change but life goes on.

Mid-20s crisis much? HAHA so much superficial problems I have bleh. There are too many questions I have for myself which can’t be answered right now, so in the end you leave them open-ended and let the answer appear by itself. That’s the beauty of life, just aiming for the simple things in life: seeing light and joy in everything. Indeed, it is the small things which take up the biggest room in the heart. Congrats Nick on surviving the first half of 2017, it hasn’t been pleasant and it would probably only be harder from here. Don’t ask for it to be easier, ask yourself to be stronger.

laugh. dance. live