Moments where age is nothing but just a number~

Oh wow its April already, and this place have been sorely lacking any sign of life an update. It has been over a good 3 months since I last updated here but it honestly felt way way longer than that, so here’s me sneaking one in while I still can. I had to read my previous post just to have an idea how 2018 was like, so I’ll try my best again to talk about newer things and at least leave something here so that I know what happened during the first months of 2019.

Life hasn’t been the most exhilarating as it has been largely just work… and nothing else. It’s not that I’m drowning in work, but rather I haven’t found much meaning outside of “Mondays to Fridays, 9-6 9-9″. First taste of peak was dreadful as life was just sleep-work, rinse and repeat and second wave of peak this month is starting to feel the same way. Reading memes about how fellow auditors around the globe are suffering from the same fate; it feels amusing and comforting at the same time as you are not the only one out there going through this. Social life is as good as non-existent when you are spending your weekdays on the other side of Singapore, and you are too lazy/tired to go out of the house during your weekends. In short, life really has been kinda stagnant and hence the lack of any decent updates.

Busy season in a nutshell~

Balance seems to be my main keyword for 2019. What I mentioned in the previous post still applies; still trying my best to attend classes and do some late night runs around the field. Although I must say that I have been eating more ROFL, I have been running more as well as work gets less busy (IPPT is always a good motivator to stay fit). Not that I have many other stuff going on in life, but life has been on pilot mode for a significant period. Passed recital audition early in January, and juggling peak with practice was actually a crazy experience as I literally had to squeeze any free time here and there to practice. Dance-wise I stopped going to school as there were too many unhealthy things going on… so I’m always thankful there’s still another avenue to still dance. When one door closesanother opens; never felt so real. Often we get too focused on the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

That’s about it… ROFL I should have taken some physical notes from time to time to really remember what the hell is going on. Negativity aside, life has been quite smooth sailing so as bad I sound, it isn’t that bad HAHA. An exciting 2019 2Q awaits (rofl at such business terms); many public holidays and a 2 week study leave as well, and ending it off with recital. Going to take my first SQP paper, and I’m looking forward to being a student yet again, although it meant sacrificing some time in the weekends away (please pass omfg). First year associate life will come to an end but I still have to survive one last busy period, then I can look forward to year dos and of course BONUS (its all about the money). Nobody’s perfect but I will be alright~

Messing Around 2018

Had to use a reaction video of the song/performance because there isn’t an official MV or any other official performance or good quality videos out there >.<

This post had been left outstanding for such a long duration that (1) I revised the video and post title TWICE, because of change of moods and ending up with one with a happier vibe; and (2) This being a wrap up/review of 2018 instead of just your ordinary update. But I told myself that I confirm guarantee chop must complete this post before 2019. Time felt like it was crawling in the past but recently days just swished past as every week is just the wait till TGIF. September signified the start of the working life grind. It has been almost 4 months already (oh god I had to revise this figure so many times) since it all began, and to be surprisingly honest it hasn’t reached the state of feeling jaded yet. May the burn, angst and sleepless nights arrive when peak comes~

Rather than using 1 word to describe the year, I look back to a phrase that I used just a year plus change ago, 1 year can really make a lot of difference.” It wasn’t that I achieved or did a lot during the year; but rather the large differences in mindset and how I present myself as a person towards others. The first half of year was all about the no shit given attitude as I found myself letting go of several emotional anchors; and the more recent second half is all about the transition from student to employee/office life. The numerous discussions here about it didn’t help in preparing how to adapt to this change; it just happens. The break after the end of university which seemed like eternity finally came to an end; as it is time for a switch of gears where I say goodbye to the books (for now, SQP exams await LOL) and welcome the start of many endless years of hustling with nights until idk what godly timings.

solo tripping means you take awkward selfies like this

This was supposed to be a paragraph or 2 to talk about this solo adventure, so instead of going into the details I will just talk about my thoughts and feels about it. It was yet another impromptu trip which became reality after a moment of spontaneity while watching a World Cup match late at night (so random but i love it HAHAA). The initial thought was that I could still go to Japan whenever I can next time, but might as well do something like this when you know that you got all the time in the world. Yes travelling alone isn’t the most ideal scenario but I have gained a lot from my solo adventures thus far, so you just make do with what you have.

The trip wasn’t all smooth sailing as I fell terribly sick with a bad throat and an awful cough (but thank goodness there wasn’t any fever) and the heat wave was killing my body even further. In the midst of all these, I was still trying to save cost here and there so I took overnight flights to and from Japan, and also an overnight bus across cities. Don’t think my body can withstand such treatment in the future though, next time thirty-plus year old me will say no to sleeping in hostels and sitting budget airlines. Despite language barriers and being lost in Japan’s complex transportation systems, it was still an adventure that I didn’t regret taking. Korea felt too comfortable, like I was in exchange mode while Japan felt like the adventure out of exchange as everywhere is a new exploration. One more country visited and crossed off the list!

The start of yet another long journey ahead~

Rewind it back to early September, I was making my way to some hotel for the first day of work on a dreadful Monday morning. Similar to any journey, the start always seems a little slow but after that; zoom zoom it’s the end of 2018. Life previously as an intern versus current status as a perm staff is very different in so many ways that I’m too lazy to describe. Fellow colleagues are all young blood, along with a fast-paced work culture; I’m actually liking it so far as it has forced me to adapt quickly and learn on the go. I could feel that I am presenting myself in a different manner as well; being a lot more vocal as I try to improve on my working relationships with clients, which is a contrast of what I imagined it to be, just me staring at my screen with little to no human interaction.

I was reading a CNA article on SG’s workaholic culture, which is so damn true as I am feeling it already. Thoughts of a career switch is inevitable when it is an open discussion among all of us, but as of now I just see the start as the grind everyone needs to face, no matter where and which industry you work in. I always fall back to the belief that at least I got a goddamn job. There is still some sort of work-life balance as I am able to go for open classes in the late evenings or revert back to a night jog/run after dinner back at home, so the belly is stopped for now HAHAHA. I have been quite fortunate in terms of job plottings as well, so I shall not complain and remember that there is someone out there who has it way worse. Penning a small note here to remind myself that when times get tough, it is important to keep a positive attitude which has helped so immensely before. Everything is a learning experience and one which you will grow from.

It has been quite a dead year in terms of posting as I sense that I have exhausted most topics and vocabulary already. Same few themes run through recent posts and they explain well how the year has been: Rediscovering and staying true to myself; keeping certain bonds and letting go of others; find the balance in life (if that will be ever possible) and not getting too focused on work while ignoring the ones who matter. This is just the start of the adulting years ahead, evident by the fact that you witness your friends getting married (along with dem red bombs) and discussions heading towards more realistic topics such as career paths and possible BTO locations. There is still the inner kid who enjoys his variety shows and amusing people with my cheesy and quirky side, so 2018 has been a good prelude of the things to come in the future.

Cause we messed around and had some good fun time

Every end marks a new beginning; so end the year with a few good lessons and start the new one by showing that you have learnt the lessons from the past. The heart and mind did a bit of spring cleaning over the year so those who remain did remain; thankful and grateful as always. Not sure how this WordPress has been receiving views, especially with the low frequency of posts. I am just amazed when it reads “your stats are booming”, like how even does it work… so to all the lurkers and random viewers out there, thanks for still reading and may 2019 bring you new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations.


In the modern society that we live in, it can be hard to surround yourself with people that you truly trust and/or love. Before creating this piece, Kaycee and I have had some unpleasant experiences in our lives that allowed us to understand how crucial honesty and respect is, when it comes to having the people you love, stick around your life. no good comes out of going behind someone’s back and telling others how you feel about them. the blindfolds were a representation of our assumptions and fear that kept us from seeing the truth. With our blindfolds on, we were unable to realize the pain we were causing each other. The moment our blindfolds came off, we understood how crucial communication is. As long as anything is said with consideration of each other’s feelings, then the truth will bring you closer.

Life has been in a state of limbo; back in its messy state as time flies with nothing notable being accomplished. Been clueless on what the next post here should consist of, so just going to do a short reflection of the past months and a little on the future. What seemed to be a world of time have trickled down to less than 40 days till I officially commence life in the cycle of Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm, with more to come in the future. Once I enter, there’s no more school holidays to look forward to, no more spoon feeding, no more anything given to you; it’s time for responsibilities and you are now with the big boys. Feels daunting but the time for adulting has arrived and face the tasks ahead.

Starting off with reservist which took off a good chunk of June and this round signalled the start of HIGH KEYYYY, which means 2 weeks of being in green and going outfield (with face painted in green too blehhhhh). Had the opportunity to converse with many people, hearing how everyone is at different stages of life, including a valedictorian like WOWZA~! Oh god that 2 weeks felt so slow as outfield wasn’t as chill as I wished and I took periodic naps.. just wishing that time would pass faster and I get to say bye bye to Khatib. Thank goodness I cleared IPPT so the worry for the year has been cleared. I wasn’t doing anything at all so perhaps when the work life starts I would cherish the opportunity of being able to escape work and earn the same amount of $$$ at the same time.

4 years in one handshake

Going back to reservist forced the night owl in me to start being a morning bird, but World Cup happened and the body clock slowly drifted back to late night mode. Wasn’t into the hype at the start since I stopped watching soccer for quite a bit; but hey it only happens once every 4 years so it ended up occupying much of the nights and ended it off with watching the final at the airport. Graduation happened and it was nice to meet the familiar faces that I have been used to seeing the past 7 semesters (1 sem gone because of exchange). I was playing telegram games while waiting LOLOLOL such a long wait just for those 5 seconds (as shown in Exhibit A, picture above HAHAHA). Going up the stage and collecting your degree signified that final page of the university storybook. It was an anti-climatic ending from what I felt was a pretty awesome 4 years of university. There were little emotions but you will still have that 不舍得 feels that it has finally, FINALLY come to an end. 

With July coming to an end and August approaching, the feel to be more productive and spend time in a more fruitful manner becomes more burdening. Gonna do some proper planning and careful thinking through I want out from this remaining period; 2 more trips to new cities/countries which is exciting yet with that small pinch of nervousness. Flying off was another impromptu decision because I have been lazing along for too long so the urge to do something is realDoing nothing and staying at home has been straight up comfortable but its time to head out and open my eyes towards new experiences. The other issue is just seeing my bank account depleting ROFL, but they always say money can be earned back but you won’t have time in the future. Stay strong my bank account, money will come in soon enough (I hope HAHAHA). Until then… Cheers to living life to the fullest before the grind starts~!

Expectation vs Reality: This is way too cute HAHAHA

Life of a NUS Business (Acc) Student: AY 17/18 Semester 2

Not the most flattering picture but this shall suffice

I said in my module review 1 year ago that I would be a basic bitch and take a picture in front of the business school logo. After 4 years the day you never felt would have come now has officially arrived; last day of school, last day of student life, graduate lo~ And this equates to my last module review!! This semester I took a different (and more unconventional) approach to the selection of my modules. As I wasn’t going to pursue an extra specialisation, I decided to take modules mostly out of my home faculty, so the title of the review is kinda contradictory since it didn’t feel like I was a business student this final semester HAHA.

In short, I had to clear 1 more 4k accounting/finance module and SS so the other 3 modules were really just pick and choose. It was a balance between interest, maintaining a 3 day work week, making sure I have a manageable finals schedule and still trying to score well. Another reason why I took mostly electives is because I still had an S/U remaining so I wanted the flexibility to S/U a module in case I *touch wood* screwed up a module. Trying to keep it simple and stress-free as I spend the last semester with one objective: MY 2ND UPPERRRRRR!!! So the aim was to get at least B+ for all the mods with the S/U being a slight safety net. Okay it didn’t end up really completely stress-free but it was a peaceful and tranquil final chapter in the student life.

ACC4611 Advanced Taxation

The only business module I took for the semester. I still had to clear 1 more 4k module and there weren’t many good options for Semester 2. Other 4k modules which I considered taking had either timetable clashes or were just too early (8am class on last semester omg i shouldn’t put myself through such pain).

Advanced Taxation in Semester 2 is taken by Prof Simon Poh, as he and Ms Lim Cher Hui will swap modules between 3k taxation and 4k adv tax. So if you want to take this module take note of which prof is taking which semester. I was taught under Ms Lim for basic tax so I was interested to be taught under Simon Poh because many peers have enjoyed his classes. Course assessment is exact same format of basic tax: 20% class participation, 20% group presentation, 30% Mid Term & 30% Final Quiz. Content covered under advanced tax include more in depth tax planning businesses, such as incentives and international perspectives.

I score slightly above average for midterms and was quite confident coming out of the final quiz, so maybe I did not class part enough or didn’t do as well as I thought. I was hoping for more math/calculation based questions for exams but prof dropped hints that he wouldn’t be testing them. Exams were “open-notes” so it was more of a test of application and answering of questions rather than memory. Kinda disappointed with final grade so maybe this is a sign not to pursue tax as a future job HAHAAA.

Final Grade: B 

GE2202 Economy & Space

This was the final module which I bidded for as it slotted in nicely between morning tutorials and a late afternoon lecture. The module was basically an introduction of Economic Geography, one which I liked when I did geography back in JC and covered certain aspects of it in my business modules. The whole module consists of lectures that are webcasted and 4 bi-weekly tutorials; with 10% pairwork presentation, 30% individual research essay and 60% finals. Prof Henry Yeung is one who is well established in terms of publishing numerous research papers and his lectures really value adds to the slides and textbook. The cohort is really small with several exchange students which was quite surprising because I thought this module would have attracted more people. Tutorials consists of discussions and your own presentation/listening to presentations so it was a chillax start to my Thursday mornings haha.

My topic for my research essay was on the digitalization of the supply chain of Uniqlo. Being an avid shopper at Uniqlo myself made research more enjoyable as you learn more about the company itself and the behind-the-scenes logistics behind each product and campaign. Prof Leung always uploads comments and mark distributions for past years’ semesters so I did take note and was hoping for a B+, but after seeing the distribution for this semester I was like WTF oh god please let me get a B and bell curve god save me. Worries start to hit; thinking whether I may not have not answered the research question adequately or I wrote it too much like a business essay rather than a geography one.

ohgod average is like a B?!!

Prof showed some sample essays of a C/C-, B and A+ essay, and we got to collect our essays after lecture ended.  Boomz I got an A~!!!! *starts dancing internally omg an alphabet I love to see anyday anywhere* It was a pivotal moment for this semester as it really boosted my morale for the remaining weeks heading towards finals. Finals preparation consisted of preparing of sample essay pointers and memorising of case studies. Past year questions with comments are also made available to us so I tried to do some spotting of topics as well. 2 hours for 2 essays for finals so it was just “vomitting of information” while making sure you answer the question.

Final Grade: A

GE2220 Terrestrial Coastal Environments

Well after taking a human geog mod, you gotta take a physical geog mod to compliment with it HAHAHA! Unlike the econ geog mod, there wasn’t much overlap from A level physical geog other than plate tectonics (I didn’t study rivers in As so thats 1 less chapter of prior knowledge). Weekly lectures with 3 lab practicals/tutorials; but lectures aren’t webcasted so these were lectures that I couldn’t skip sadly 😦

Module consists of 3 lab reports, a mid term and finals. It was revitalising to be doing something in the form of outdoor practicals after semesters of fighting over class participations in seminar rooms. Writing lab reports is something new as I wasn’t used to reading studies for referencing and the proper formatting of presenting data and analysis. The 3 reports constitute for 50% of the whole module, and some of it may be time consuming due to the need to draw out figures/manually plotting out river profiles from Google Earth. Deadlines were tight at certain periods but other than handing up reports, this is a module which doesn’t require consistent studying and can be chiong-ed within a few days since it is mostly memorisation. Finals consists of short definition questions and 1 essay, so its memorisation all over again. Very straightforward module overall as everything tested will be in the notes. Additional readings are only required for the lab reports and are highly recommended sources to boost credibility (and obviously marks) in your reports.

Final Grade: B+

GEK1531/GET1004 Cyber Security

A module which I took which I hoped that I could score and pull the CAP up. Y said this module was a breeze and so I decided to go for it. Turns out D also was taking the module as he was looking for an easy module to score (being an IS student himself), and my sis’s bf was in here as well. Ended up forming a group with them, the sis’s bf friend and N whom I did projects with in business and we were all set.

Grading consists of 35% mid term, 35% final quiz, 25% group project (split into 15% group paper and 10% individual presentation) and 5% homework. The module is split into 2 parts: the technical cyber security component and the mathematical calculation component. I learnt some of the math part way back in Living With Maths in Y1S1, such as encoding and decoding so I found the math part much more enjoyable. Lectures are on Wednesday evenings so towards the end of the semester I began to either leave early or just skip the lecture completely (even though it wasn’t webcasted). Homework I would usually double check my answers with D, so the only differentiating factor is those 2 exams. T

Steep bellcurve and below average MCQs were my downfall for this module but there really isn’t anything to complain about hahas. There really isn’t much to study for this module and not a lot of practice of the math component so I would recommend this module for those who are looking for something with light workload to balance their other cores.

Final Grade: B+

SSS1207/GES1021 Natural Heritage of Singapore

Not a big fan of the Social Studies compulsory university requirement but after 7 semesters, it is finally to clear this requirement. I have been saving my G account for this module, but they have properly split the bidding procedures between the 2 module codes (old vs new students) so I was only up against Y4s and above who have most likely cleared their SS requirement. I have been eyeing this module because it was the only science-related SS module and open book MCQ exams sound like a breeze

No tutorials but 2 lectures each week from 4-6 which is not webcasted. It was a plus to have this as the last lesson of the day as I could just walk back home. The module was taught by 2 profs, one took the animals topic while the other took plants/vegetation. Grading consists of yet another midterm and finals, all MCQs and all open books, but the fallacy of open book tests being easy is oh so wrong here as you would be flipping around your tags and notes scattered around your table. Textbook and notes are a must so it’s really burn and drink so you know where to flip during the exams.

Did below average for midterms as my tagging was way inadequate and I struggled to know where to flip. To the person who lent me his/her textbook, sorry I still struggled quite a bit in this module as I wasn’t able to grasp the content completely, leaving to much guessing (And praying) in choosing option A-E.

Final Grade: B


CAP (for Y4S2): 4

CAP (for Y4S2 with S/U on SSS1207): 4.13


I was considering plotting my cumulative CAPs in a table format but I’m like nahhhhhh it’s over there’s no need for such things. Looking back there were many things I could have done better, such as module selection and planning, but it isn’t meant to be perfect so I can finally wrap up this storybook and move onto the next one. 

Being a “jjamppong/rojak” semester, the biggest difference is the change from 3 hour seminars to lecture tutorial format. Often I’m just staying within business school, but now I’m hopping around 3 faculties, which resulted in many squeeze and rushed bus rides from one place to another. On the bright side, it led me to be able to sample the many cuisines of the canteens of different faculties instead of just biz canteen and deck HAHA.


When I just enrolled and started university, 4 years felt like an extremely long time and hell weeks feel like the worse as you just can’t wait for each summer/winter holiday. Now after 8 semesters it is truly finally over. Hasn’t hit me as hard as I thought, but the self-growth during these 4 years has been tremendous. I know most people who visit here come for my module reviews so I hoped they have been of assistance in anyway. Apologies for the lack of diverse vocabulary and me being a jukebox HAHAHA.

To those who are still studying “omg take this mod, aim for 1st class, play as hard as you can in grade-free semester etc.”, in the end 4 years of studying would just amount to a certificate and a transcript. Yes it will affect your future prospects but no one will remember what your grades were, it’s all about the memories and the people you met along the way. It’s all about finding the balance between work and play, plus knowing what you want out of everything. Time is precious so spend it on the things and people that matter, and before you know it you would be like me, getting ready to graduate. You will face many setbacks in many different forms, from failed interviews, strained relationships and many more, but please remember that the only way from there is up. Dig a bit more within you every time you feel like letting go and as time passes, you will understand how capable you are actually as a person. Don’t be afraid to try and fail because university will be the last place that you can try without much consequences.

and don’t forget to smile 🙂

Through The Night

I had to look back at my older posts to remind myself what I was up to during the past months. It has only been a short 2 months since I did a post, but it felt like ages that I haven’t. Indeed heart has been light so there wasn’t any need for reflecting as the life of April was just studying and studying. Life before the final last exam is now just a huge blur, as the word ‘studying’ can be removed in the life dictionary for now (because I would probably need to study for SQP in the near future ROFL)On a normal basis, I would write an end of academic year summary/review the past 3 years but I decided to scrap it since memories aren’t as fresh. Didn’t want to squeeze one out before the grad trip and I shall just say a one-liner: In short for this semester, the most low profile semester ever with many bright spots, and glad that the whole academic journey ended off on a good note 🙂

like finally woohooooo~!

Finally yours truly got the chance to fly out of the country. The graduation trip I envisioned in the past was doing crazy things in a foreign country with a group of close friends that I made over the past 4 years in university. Well that didn’t happen as schedules just didn’t really match so I took it as fate telling me to embark on another solo adventure. I was initially hesitant to have booked the flight as I felt so at ease back in SG; why go somewhere else when you are already contended with what you currently have? I labelled this trip as a “soul-cleanser”, as I felt slightly lost of what I truly wanted to achieve before I start work officially, hoping that I would find back my direction in life. Travelling seems like the go-to answer for most when it comes to spending your holidays, but I wanted to achieve something more from this round. Doing whatever, wherever, whenever my heart desired and let the wanderlust take over. 

This trip ended up being a little haphazard as I just planned the activities I wanted to do the night before, so there was a lot of mix-and-match (sorry to those who ask me for itinerary, because I don’t have one omg whoops). Everything was impromptu, from climbing a mountain, visiting ulu destinations when I have a train to catch in a few hours LOLOLOL to adjusting which dance classes that I want to attend (miraculously managed to attend yoojung’s class kyaaaaa i am a satisfied fanboy HAHA). I was surprised how fast I got used to being in Korea, as everything felt natural. It kinda brought me back vibes from times during exchange, where I am just feeling so blissful to be in a new environment. Fear turned into comfort too quickly as I regain my old spiritual self so I am grateful this trip was smooth as a whole (although more time would have been a definite plus). Mentioned before that one of the biggest regrets in university was not doing summer programme in Korea during Y1, but then again I felt that I would have been too young and immature at that point of time to have truly gotten the most out of it. 

your basic picture here hahas

During exchange, travelling alone was a step out of the comfort zone; but now it has transformed into the comfort zone. Amazing right? The most common trait of solo travelling include staying at hostels, and meeting a similar group of like-minded people. Conversations felt so natural as I met many fellow students from the US doing their own grad trips, hopping around several countries in Asia. We were discussing how it is those who never did a solo trip are the ones who say it isn’t safe, and that once you did you first solo trip, it just gets easier and better as time goes. Love, love, love it when all of us have our own unique different experiences but we still can easily agree on things. Looking back at the happiest moments over university, I was the happiest when I was around a group of people who have the same frequencies as me, being able to connect in our own ways. Being in a CCA equates to sharing a similar interest, but it isn’t easy to find additional things further than that. This year 4 is one which I really grew exponentially as I simply learnt how to say no to others and make myself a priority. Do you and fuck everything else; yes it took me nearly 25 years to find this out but there is still a part of me inside who is still too nice. In the end, you just need to find those who deserve that from me HAHAAA~! (thick skinned gao gao)

Time is plentiful now with student life finally over, as I ponder what to do with the excessive amount of time in hand. The soul has been revitalized and now that I am back in SG, it’s like wtf am I supposed to do? Naturally I turned back to writing here again, so I ended up just typing and reflecting during late nights yet again (as I spend my mornings/afternoons mostly sleeping like a pig recharging myself). Feels good to be typing on my colourful keyboard again and not just lying on my bed watching random YT videos LOL. It doesn’t help them I am currently home alone so it felt like exchange all over again, minus the cooking and cold weather HAHA. Organise a few things here and there, such as updating my music playlists and omg loving my new earworms! I actually stayed at a cafe in Garuso-Gil longer than expected because the music they played was awesome and I was busy Shazam-ing those that caught my ears.

Mood hasn’t been the best recently but I’ll get back to the normal groove of things, slowly but surely. For now I’ll just take one day at a time as I head towards organising my life and look for more things I always wanted to do/achieve. The next post will mostly likely be my last module review so yays to having something to talk about. (but it will take a while since I need to serve the nation lolololol what a mood spoiler blehhhhh) Maybe one post about my 1M experience? But I prefer to keep my dance shenanigans on a private note so we shall see… TILL THE NEXT TIME~!

Always Ready

Had a few posts in mind, but never had the time to properly craft one out so a short update will do. Usually I wouldn’t like to force a post out just for the sake of it, but it has been a while since I posted. The problem is I feel like I have things to talk about, but when I settle down with my cup of hot coffee I struggle to put my thoughts into proper sentences. It’s going to end up in bits and pieces everywhere so bear with me.

2 weeks left for Y4S2 and everyone is all excited posting about commencement, while yours truly really haven’t had any feels set in yet. TOTALLY ZERO FEELS… No #lastsembestsem vibes, no bittersweet feeling, no omg this is the last days I get to ever spend time here in school. I was expecting myself to feel totally anxious but I’m spending my remaining time as a student on such a normal basis; doing nothing particularly special. The numerous times that I mentioned here about student life coming to an end, well hello it finally is.


Organisation of life hasn’t been the best as well. I was reading my posts from the second half of the previous year and I didn’t complain once about this aspect. There were many short term goals during the previous semester, there was FSP and then there were also 2 concerts to work towards, and now they are all over life is back to limbo state. In the past I thought there was this grad trip that I could look forward, but lazy me hasn’t got down to plan them properly. I start to ponder whether I really want to go overseas, or it’s more like a “oh because in the future no chance to do so” kinda move. It feels like the former for now, but yours truly hasn’t left sunny Singapore ever since exchange, so maybe a trip and getting back that wanderlust feeling would re-energize the soul.

Mid-life crisis much? And I haven’t even started working yet ROFL. The thought of whether audit is the right choice has always been the back of my mind, like ohnoooo what if I waste my beginning years here when I could have been somewhere else? Problem (as with many others out there) is that I don’t have a clue on what I want, but aaaaahhh having a job is better than fretting about no job.

It has really been just a nonchalant semester, really mundane but there are still those small sparks in life which makes those ups and downs in life. Always need something to happen to me for me to wake up my idea though ROFL…I did talk about these small sparks in life which I am always thankful for, but they revolve different personnel and are even more scarce this time around. I was saying how my own social circle dropped exponentially and I just credited to it as shit happens, because shit happens indeed. Not pertaining to anything particular, but everyone is inherently selfish so the most important thing is to take care and look out for yourself.

Heart is the lightest it has felt for quite a bit, but still lost and heavy at times because still have this feel that it could be better. Maybe the smiles have been brighter because I haven’t had the need to see a certain group of people ROFL. Will keep the overall uni life review for a later date when everything officially comes to a close… LAST STRETCH here we go~!

no doubt favourite part, omg hype was so real~!

The Queen Stays Queen

Hello 2018! And here comes the mandatory review of 2017?! 2017 was truly a year of extremes; and a year that truly encompasses the meaning of “the only way is up”. The turning point in the year has got to be when I got the internship at the Big 4 and frankly, I didn’t deserve many things given the amount of effort I put into it. I was still unmotivated and lost as I approached my final year as a student, but I told myself that I would make that last student year the best damn year. It really is an interesting year because my sources of happiness wasn’t derived from achieving something but more of getting rid of unnecessary emotional baggage.

This winter holidays encompasses the true definition of “doing nothing”, but omg it felt so good HAHAHA. The last 2 months of 2017 really flew by as it went from being too busy with studying to being too lazy to do anything after finals ended. It rained a lot of well, which made cooping in home even more comfortable ROFL. Watched a lot of random videos, from anime (Attack on Titan omg loves), dance classes to reality shows such as Survivor. Inspiration of the title of the post came from the two-time winner herself the queen! One of the main reasons I love Survivor is the jury aspect; as people that you eliminated directly or indirectly essentially determine whether you win a million dollars. Oh how the tables have turned… which leads to jury management 101 aka how you act towards others. Kinda applies to real life, but not saying that every single move needs to be calculated. Treat others the way you wanted to be treated. Emotions do run high in such a game setting, and one slip of the tongue can be an instant death. Same goes to real life; you can’t take back what you say. Moral of story? Control those damn emotions.


The one main thing I carried onward from 2016 to 2017 was the sense of independence. It started during exchange where I did several things all by myself, so the trend just carried on for the whole year. You win some, you lose some. At the start it really felt like I lost a big chunk of my heart, but you live to fight another day and it turned out for the better. Part of the #independencetrain was getting off social media, as I became more private about my life and posted a lot less. The rants also got slightly less on twitter HAHAHA, if there was a need to express myself, I would do it here. And if there is something more private, I would just password-protect the post. Words have still continued to be my main way to express my thoughts and feelings, and as we are reaching a full 10 years here (holy smokes thats nearly 50% of my life), it is truly a diary worth looking back.

Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

THE QUOTE which embraced the year. Rather than trying to fit in certain places, at the end of the day you just have to stay true to yourself. This year would be a year of transition, from the university to the workplace environment. New start, new mindset, new rules. My tone may be totally different in a few months time as I really have no idea what to expect. Yays to finishing 2017 with at least a post a month HAHA! May not be able to post here on such a timely basis anymore, and perhaps I should write when the feel comes rather than forcing 1 out every month. I always feel like I’m yapping about the same topics, but there has been some new happenings that are worth noting about (hint hint about new post in the future HAHA). Feel like life is going upwards and on a high now, so as usual… KEEP IT GOING~!

Life of a NUS Business (Acc) Student: AY 17/18 Semester 1

because it’s rare that I even take a group picture nowadays

Happy 2018! 2nd last time I will ever write a module review here, as it has been a habit to get these out as soon as possible before the new semester starts. 3 years ago, it was a decision to start writing up all these to help online wanderers have some information about Business (Accountancy) modules. iIf one person benefitted from reading; then I am a happy man. Looking at how views spike up every time it is time to bid for modules, such information really can be important in making the right decisions.

3 modules + FSP for this semester; did contemplate overloading to make the last semester a more relaxing one; but in the end I just decided to go towards the conventional route. Needed to bid for 2 modules so I decided to just clear my 2 4k modules. On hindsight, I should have spread out my core accounting modules the previous semester by dropping 1 of them. It really is a tricky task to have the perfect module planning (from summer schools, exchange to taking modules which are only offered in a certain semester); perhaps I will do one summarising everything when I’m officially done with university hahaha we shall see.

ACC3619 Integrated Perspectives in Business & Accounting

This is called the ‘capstone’ module among our accounting core modules as the pre-requisite is to have completed or concurrently taking all the other accounting core modules. This module is relatively new and it served to prepare the

For AY16/17 Semester 2, the module coordinator was Prof Stephen Lynn and feedback wasn’t too positive due to the horrendous timing of the modules (6-9pm), and for my semester (AY17/18 Semester 1), we have module coordinators, Prof Tan and Prof Ho. The bulk of the module came from the group project (30%) and finals (50%). A company would be assigned to your project group, where each member has to do an individual presentation (10%). The last 10% consists of class participation, which is just asking questions during the individual presentations. The twist is this: There are 5 weeks in total, and you wouldn’t know whether you have to present. So if you are the last presenter for your group, you would have essentially prepared 5 presentations… which is totally overload. I understood the idea of the profs was to ensure that the whole group understood the whole project instead of just his/her own part, but it isn’t feasible from a student’s perspective to be preparing presentation after presentation.. like hello we still have other modules to study… I was also dabao-ing my lunch into class while watching the presentations. Yeahhhhh as usual no one really paid attention to the presentations HAHAHA.

The format for finals was kinda interesting; the profs will release the company which will be tested during the final 2 weeks prior to the actual date of exam (which falls on the last day of finals blehhhhh) and it is open book so it became a war of preparing the proper notes to copy in the exam. Previous semester was DBS while this semester was an e-commerce company called YuuZoo. The format of the final was similar to the previous semester, so those who are taking this module, go to the exam paper database and looked at the questions!

tl;dr: Idea of the module is there, but it really adds zero value to what we have already learnt in previous modules. Personally, I would have liked it to be more geared towards perhaps SQP preparation? I would suggest future module coordinators to review the format of the whole module because it hasn’t fully worked out yet.

Final Grade: B-

ACC4613 Forensic Accounting

There were 2 different sectional timings opened for the module; 9am and 1pm. You could get the module at 1 point if you took the morning slot, or pay an additional 900 points to get the afternoon slot instead like yours truly LOL. I wasn’t planning on pursuing the finance specialisation so I didn’t really care about spending points in the G account. This module is very popular among the 4k accounting modules which can be taken, content was very interesting as it involved studying of financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

The module coordinator was Dr Larry Lam, a professor with many years of working experience in the related field and also with a nice mixed American accent HAHAHA (you could say that he is the MYT of forensic accounting). Course assessment got revised halfway into the course and is as follows: 10% data analytics in-class assignment, 20% quiz, 30% class participation and 40% group project/presentation. Although I had friends who were in the same sectional, I ended up grouping with a bunch of acquaintances who were pretty badass as it was a group that I just had to chip in my part and nothing more. The quiz happened in Week 12 and it was just MCQ AND open book, so there isn’t much to prepare. It turned out that many of us did really well so I would say this is a very good module to take as a 4k accounting module. Do take note that this module is only offered in Semester 1, so do your module planning accordingly!

Final Grade: A+ (Yays to yet another A+ in my NUS life)

ACC4615 Advanced Assurance & Attestation

I was contemplating this versus internal audit, and I figured that given how I did 2 audit internships and I actually do enjoy audit, I shall try this module and hope for the best. The module coordinator is Prof Tan Wee Cheng, whom may have taken taught some ACC3603 before. Prof Tan teaches half of the semester, which includes the more abstract content such as FV Audit, forensic accounting; while Prof Alima (which is her first time teaching in a university setting) teaches the other half which is the more technical stuff, such as materiality and group audit.

Course assessment is 15% class participation, 15% tutorial presentation, 30% group project & 40% finals. I was “in charge of my own destiny” as I formed my initial group of 3 and had 2 late additions. Group project is similar to ACC3616, where you do your own research on a certain case and write up your own case along with teaching notes. Our group had this zai double-degree law and accountancy guy and I got an A+ for the project. However, it turned out everyone did quite well for the project, as well as the tutorial presentation AND class participation. In the end the deciding factor lies on the finals, which was an electronic paper and open book (first e-exam in NUS yay~). Yours truly quite competitive and played a typing speed test to warm up the hands HAHAHA.

Again, what audit is in real life is not exactly the same as you learn in theory, but you learn to appreciate the various SSAs that we learnt in each topic.

Final Grade: A

FSP4003 Field Service Project

Grading for FSP is as follows: 45% Final Report, 25% Final Presentation, 10% Peer Review, 20% Learning Journal. I was mentally ready to do this with randoms, but L linked me up with a group of 3 and we were assigned to a hospital as our client for FSP, along with an adjunct professor who was taking FSP for the first time. As accountancy students, you will most likely find yourselves doing something non-accounting related for your FSP. Our group ended up with a project which falls under “Market Research”, but it ended up involving some form of modelling as well.

The journey to completing this FSP was anything but smooth. The supposed deadline for report submission was the first Monday of recess week, but as all Business students know, Week 13 is hell week for most of us so we literally rushed up more than half the report in the span of 3-4 days. I had presentation a few days before audit finals as well, but the COO was very relaxed and we were able to present while sitting down ROFL (imagine a 25% presentation being given while sitting).

The only advice I would give is that if possible, find your own professor because you would want one who views you in a positive light. No complains about the grade I got; felt it was a fair grade given the circumstances. Yes an A would be perfect given how it is 8MCs worth, but one shall not be greedy and be contented.

Final Grade: A-


CAP (for Y4S1): 4.4

Overall CAP (till Y3S2): (Yes, 4 flat…)

so ugly

What a comeback, like wow. Might have made dean’s list if 3619 came out a lot better; but whatever happens, happens. By far the best semester in NUS by a humongous margin. I wouldn’t say that I put in much more effort this semester compared to the previous semester, I still feel like I was putting in 70-80% effort, since I knew I could effectively not care LOL. Maybe that explains my lack of excitement seeing results this semester. The biggest change had to be in the mental state of mines, and a change in mentality really reflected well in the quality of work. Now the CAP is really in a precarious situation, so in short no fooling around in the last semester. Maybe the “excitement” will come in next semester when stakes are extremely high.

No calculation required; all B+ next semester would be sufficient. However looking back at my accounting core modules, holy shit I didn’t know I was so awful in them. It ended up very ironic that I did well in my 4k modules but failed atrociously in the 3k modules (I average a B in those 8 modules). Did I really enrol into the wrong course? Am I bad in higher level accounting? Or are my peers really just that good that I’m left drowning in the bell curve? Nonetheless, one good semester really can change the momentum of your student life, so I just need to ride this consistency into the last semester. Last semester, best semester; Let’s get at it.

P.S FXXK LAW I still hate you oh my fucking goodness…

cheers to starting 2018 well~!


December 9 2017, 12 noon. Same old announcement; put your pens down. Yet another semester done, and the sense of liberation feels less and less exhilarating as we grow older. The wait for 3619 was particularly painful, seeing everyone else done and flying off while you are stuck here with this last final. It definitely sucked a lot to witness others enjoy themselves in different countries, but I did my fair share of travelling last year so I was content with living the chill life back here in Singapore. Bam end of Year 4 Semester 1, and one-third of December is over already. A little slacking, a lot more sleeping later boomz two-thirds of December is gone as we approach the final fews days of 2017 and snowy days here in WordPress.

Nothing much to add onto the academic side for this later part of the year. Very different group dynamics for each group project that I worked on over the semester; there were some which I could take a back seat because everyone was so competent, while there was others where I had to take the charge. You feel less in control of your grades since you are only putting in a small fraction of the entire product/deliverable. The intense chiong-ing of projects and studying for finals killed a bit of the vibes for #lastyearbestyear as the focus was back on the books. It wasn’t 100% focus on work, but I finally did flip the switch to mugging mode. Priorities as a student still stay and I can’t afford to fuck up my results anymore. 1 more week until results release so we shall see how well (or horrendous) I did this semester.

Getting there

Yours truly haven’t had a good honest break ever since the start of 2017; from resuming school straight from exchange mode, doing yet another summer internship to fulfilling army obligations. I did think about doing a winter internship, but I shall just let myself rest for this last winter holiday. Haven’t accomplished much thus far; did little organising and I just spent most of the time sleeping if I’m not outside. The most important aspect that I took stride into getting back a healthy mental state was a reset of the mindset; I knew I let certain happenings got the better for me, so it was only right for myself to distant myself away from them. No more playing the blame game, keep your head up and move on. It wasn’t a spontaneous decision but I had the feeling that it was a step towards the right direction. Trust your gut feeling sometimes; it works wonders.

Over-thinking kills happiness, insecurity kills self esteem, doubts kills more hope than actual failure will. I managed to reduce those 3 silent killer emotions in this later part of the year as I worked towards a slightly different self. One that embraced negativity in a positive way instead of drowning back into toxicity; One that didn’t require the recognition of others to cover the lack of confidence. Sometimes our thoughts are backed by so much insecurities, they create lies that we actually believe. In the end, a positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.