Through The Night

I had to look back at my older posts to remind myself what I was up to during the past months. It has only been a short 2 months since I did a post, but it felt like ages that I haven’t. Indeed heart has been light so there wasn’t any need for reflecting as the life of April was just studying and studying. Life before the final last exam is now just a huge blur, as the word ‘studying’ can be removed in the life dictionary for now (because I would probably need to study for SQP in the near future ROFL)On a normal basis, I would write an end of academic year summary/review the past 3 years but I decided to scrap it since memories aren’t as fresh. Didn’t want to squeeze one out before the grad trip and I shall just say a one-liner: In short for this semester, the most low profile semester ever with many bright spots, and glad that the whole academic journey ended off on a good note 🙂

like finally woohooooo~!

Finally yours truly got the chance to fly out of the country. The graduation trip I envisioned in the past was doing crazy things in a foreign country with a group of close friends that I made over the past 4 years in university. Well that didn’t happen as schedules just didn’t really match so I took it as fate telling me to embark on another solo adventure. I was initially hesitant to have booked the flight as I felt so at ease back in SG; why go somewhere else when you are already contended with what you currently have? I labelled this trip as a “soul-cleanser”, as I felt slightly lost of what I truly wanted to achieve before I start work officially, hoping that I would find back my direction in life. Travelling seems like the go-to answer for most when it comes to spending your holidays, but I wanted to achieve something more from this round. Doing whatever, wherever, whenever my heart desired and let the wanderlust take over. 

This trip ended up being a little haphazard as I just planned the activities I wanted to do the night before, so there was a lot of mix-and-match (sorry to those who ask me for itinerary, because I don’t have one omg whoops). Everything was impromptu, from climbing a mountain, visiting ulu destinations when I have a train to catch in a few hours LOLOLOL to adjusting which dance classes that I want to attend (miraculously managed to attend yoojung’s class kyaaaaa i am a satisfied fanboy HAHA). I was surprised how fast I got used to being in Korea, as everything felt natural. It kinda brought me back vibes from times during exchange, where I am just feeling so blissful to be in a new environment. Fear turned into comfort too quickly as I regain my old spiritual self so I am grateful this trip was smooth as a whole (although more time would have been a definite plus). Mentioned before that one of the biggest regrets in university was not doing summer programme in Korea during Y1, but then again I felt that I would have been too young and immature at that point of time to have truly gotten the most out of it. 

your basic picture here hahas

During exchange, travelling alone was a step out of the comfort zone; but now it has transformed into the comfort zone. Amazing right? The most common trait of solo travelling include staying at hostels, and meeting a similar group of like-minded people. Conversations felt so natural as I met many fellow students from the US doing their own grad trips, hopping around several countries in Asia. We were discussing how it is those who never did a solo trip are the ones who say it isn’t safe, and that once you did you first solo trip, it just gets easier and better as time goes. Love, love, love it when all of us have our own unique different experiences but we still can easily agree on things. Looking back at the happiest moments over university, I was the happiest when I was around a group of people who have the same frequencies as me, being able to connect in our own ways. Being in a CCA equates to sharing a similar interest, but it isn’t easy to find additional things further than that. This year 4 is one which I really grew exponentially as I simply learnt how to say no to others and make myself a priority. Do you and fuck everything else; yes it took me nearly 25 years to find this out but there is still a part of me inside who is still too nice. In the end, you just need to find those who deserve that from me HAHAAA~! (thick skinned gao gao)

Time is plentiful now with student life finally over, as I ponder what to do with the excessive amount of time in hand. The soul has been revitalized and now that I am back in SG, it’s like wtf am I supposed to do? Naturally I turned back to writing here again, so I ended up just typing and reflecting during late nights yet again (as I spend my mornings/afternoons mostly sleeping like a pig recharging myself). Feels good to be typing on my colourful keyboard again and not just lying on my bed watching random YT videos LOL. It doesn’t help them I am currently home alone so it felt like exchange all over again, minus the cooking and cold weather HAHA. Organise a few things here and there, such as updating my music playlists and omg loving my new earworms! I actually stayed at a cafe in Garuso-Gil longer than expected because the music they played was awesome and I was busy Shazam-ing those that caught my ears.

Mood hasn’t been the best recently but I’ll get back to the normal groove of things, slowly but surely. For now I’ll just take one day at a time as I head towards organising my life and look for more things I always wanted to do/achieve. The next post will mostly likely be my last module review so yays to having something to talk about. (but it will take a while since I need to serve the nation lolololol what a mood spoiler blehhhhh) Maybe one post about my 1M experience? But I prefer to keep my dance shenanigans on a private note so we shall see… TILL THE NEXT TIME~!