the usual grind; because everyone in the world are dancing to this song and I’m still using song names as titles for posts. I don’t even know what swalla means but it sounds fun HAHA

5 months gone just like that; still feeling like I have no direction. Just a short update about life after finals and how internship is going. The mind feels much fresher now that I do not require to stress about academics for the next few months, but this is only temporary and reality will hit back after the holidays are gone. Haven’t put much thought into expectations for myself going into this summer, just living life day by day, and I’m usually too tired to do anything at night (which I will come to in a short while haha). The room still isn’t organized LOL, so that should be the first thing to do under my agenda. For now, it’s just going to be internship all the way till mid-July and a week of reservist at end July.

Different environments; but same routine

Audit Internship Round 2; Week 4. Can I just say I can’t wait for it to be over already HAHAHA. This internship will last 10 weeks, so I’m 30% done already (staying optimistic as much as I can rofl). Working in a Big 4 accounting firm hasn’t been as glamorous as I thought it would be; you are just a small fish guppy in the big ocean. Seniors are too busy to really care about you, and there isn’t much work to be done because it is now the off-peak period for the audit industry. It went from “Omg need to work hard for my PO” mode to “Sighpie can’t wait for the day to end” mode real fast. Week 1 of internship was just staying in the large conference room, going through training and doing e-learning. More than half the audit interns are Year 2 NTU students, and NUS students are really the endangered species here. There are a couple of Year 1s who are also among us and they make me think “what are you doing here..?”; yours truly was still having fun doing camps during his Year 1. Being surrounded by younger peeps everywhere I go, you notice how priorities in life will change over the years, and you will be left behind if you don’t straighten out the things that you want have to focus on.

More about the internship… my orientation group of interns were really a chill group, kinda sucks that we have to separate for our respective engagements. I have 3 major engagements over this internship, located at Tiong Bahru, Tanjong Pagar & Raffles Place… how the hell did I get so lucky with my allocation?!! I could have easily gone to Tuas (which would totally kill any evening dance plans) but I got places which were (1) along the green line, (2) near central. THANK YOU MY LUCKY STARS~! Current engagement I was tasked to has been very mehhhhh though, but at least I ain’t OT-ing to crazy hours. We shall see whether my outlook towards this internship will change over the weeks to come. Will try to post more here (as usual) to record more of my progress over this internship, as opposed to last year.

Once you get into a 9-6 regular job, life can get mundane. I told myself to make good use of my evenings after work, and I have been doing so! (so proud of myself HAHA) Hard to believe, but I’m actually even busier now over this summer holidays; 1-2-4-6 are dance days while I leave 3-5-7 to meeting friends and letting the body rest. Last year, the post-work activities was mostly running, so dance is just another form of exercise to ensure I don’t get fat over this period. The main focus for dance hasn’t changed: just pushing myself while having fun at the same time. Some days I will be super motivated and be like “let’s go for more classes”; but there are days where I’m thinking why am I wasting money and doing this to myself. The current mindset is that I still have some energy left in the fuel tank, so JUST DO IT when I’m still (relatively) young and not bounded by the working life. Maybe I have been occupying myself with too much things, as my sleeping habits haven’t been good in recent months. Every night there’s this super tired feeling so I can just doze off, but it’s the feel good kind of adrenaline rush which makes life slightly more exciting~

And yays to more meaningful conversationsgot to understand more about others and of course more about myself. Not going into details of those conversations, but for those who are going through their own difficult times; just keep going, just keep swimming. Some old habits of mine still don’t die; I guess its just me. Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others. So how do others really see me, or rather how do I want myself to be portrayed as a person? Maybe I’ll start from there…


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