Times where I really wish I could just teleport to Korea when I read that 1M is teaching this choreo this weekend. Feels to travel again and go back to wanderlust mode has never felt so strong~

Still slightly distracted from normal student mode even though we almost hit the halfway mark for March. Busier weeks loom ahead for the semester as project deadlines will start to pile in. But the heart has felt much lighter as I have learnt to fight the battles that only matter. The past 2 Friday & Saturday nights have really been too awesome possum HAHAHA; nights where the walls around the heart didn’t need to be there. A few positive happenings this week, including a major one which officially occupies my summer holiday this year! It’s not exactly thrilling to know that normal 9-5 life awaits LOL, but I’m really looking forward to just learn more and keep growing, which has sort of become the theme for 2017 so far!

Speaking of which, current count: 14.5 hours. Can feel some slight improvements, so just keep pushing and keep working hard. The desire to keep improving can sometimes be a hell of a drug, but hey I’m still a student so I still have the time (along with my youth) to be doing such crazy things. Life of a student means work still comes first PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NICK, don’t fall into the bottomless pit of toxicity and just concentrate on yourself and yourself only.

like what a small little fish once said: “Just keep swimming~”


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