Something New

I thought it might be good to leave some motivation to myself for dance when it gets lonely here in Sweden. New bucket list goal: Summer school in Korea with lessons in 1M? HAHA we shall see~

First snowfall!

Time truly flies during exchange as I approach my last 2 months in Sweden. Winter came extremely early here in Sweden, and it was really nice to wake up to see snow gracefully falling from the sky. Just hoping that I won’t freeze to death as I’m definitely not acclimatised to the sudden drop in temperature. Travelling is put on a back seat for the month of November, mainly because of me having to complete 2 modules during this month while still needing to carve out some time to practice for dance. December is going to be full travelling mode, so I’m hoping the fatigue doesn’t set in too fast as I enjoy my last moments of exchange.

Did my second solo trip to Norway, and completed a 6 hour hike across the peaks of Mount Ulriken to Floyen. It really was an invigorating experience to do something like that, as the thought of doing a hike never crossed my mind until being in Europe itself. “Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would”; just one of many situations where I loved my decision to step into unknown places. I have been enjoying this new breathe of independence a little too much; I don’t miss Singapore and the amount of alone time I have here is really rejuvenating to the spiritual soul. But at the same time, discipline to complete tasks must be there as there won’t be anyone to look out for you. Too busy for insecurities; it’s just a distraction so don’t let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling.  

journey to the top

Life where the problem I need to worry is where my next destination to me… a semester without needing to constantly worrying about school and CAP really allows you to embrace the other aspects of life which you tend to overlook. D-93 as halfway point now changes to hitting the 3 digit number; let’s keep the fun going, let’s keep the growth coming.   





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