Reverb 2015: The uncomfortable comfort zone


After that partially lame monologue of mines, time for the proper post on the concert! Unlike Throwback which I was only involved in only 1 song, I was practically a full performer this time round. Another delayed (3 months is quite little for me now oops) post, and another one which I wouldn’t want end up being a ranting post so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.

Counting down to actual concert day, I put behind all hard feelings to the CCA and focused to doing my best. Not my maximum best, but showing a presentable self and one which I can be proud of when I look back. Since I was already part of the whole thing, the same thing still applies: just do it once, do it well. As with every concert, much preparation is put into the movements on stage and doing sound check to ensure that the audience can hear the best from us. We also had a guest performer and had to schedule extra practice sessions with him. More of my precious time during Recess Week gone just like that, and during that time it just felt really unbearable especially when you know you have mid-terms to study for. Well I couldn’t skip practices because of just solely that so it was just another hell week and one which I had to go through during my time in NUS.

CONCERT DAY! It was standard to report to the venue super early for final sound checks and last minute rehearsals. There was an afternoon and an evening session so it was sort of performing for 2 concerts. The afternoon session felt more like a practice as the concert hall was like 2/3 filled and I didn’t have anyone watching as well. For the friends who came to see me perform, it was their first time seeing me and of course, I wished that I was able to show them the artistic side of me which they heard so much but never really seen for myself. As per the previous post, I had some mistakes and awkward moments, but everything worked out! Playing the percussion ended up a good thing (despite those early morning practices LOL) as I sort of had my own glory time on stage and was noticeable among everyone HAHAHA 😛


Shout out to E my fellow bass buddy whom we really went through a lot, especially when E didn’t have any music background and was learning from scratch. Good luck for your OCIP, will really miss you buddy. Ehhhh that’s it LOL. Really sad case hor… Just thanks to a few of those which brought pockets of warmth during my first year in GENUS. Some of the Year 3 seniors are really very nice, a pity that the gap between each batch is really awful. (Sorry that I keep harping on this fact but the division is just unbearable to me.)

Joining GENUS felt like a return to an “uncomfortable comfort zone”. It’s a comfort zone to begin with as I was going back to playing an instrument that I was familiar with: the guitar. However, this comfort zone ended up being an uncomfortable one. It was just the constant accumulation of being left out and feeling out of place. After 1 year, is it slightly better now? When the new semester starts, all of us will take the roles of seniors… When that happens, when that happens…




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