Almost There

Saving the semester: Almost there.

More random thoughts floating in my head as finals approaches, what a great timing…

No rants about CCAs this time round, I promise. I have a list of posts lined up already (exciting right? hehehe) & it’s about time I inject some optimism and positive energy in this place. However, still getting awfully distracted with my summer plans, even though I don’t have anything elaborate planned out. I do have a list which I’m forever editing in. It’s really funny how the content inside developed over time. It’s really a very elaborate list for only a 3 month break, things from learning/doing new stuff, or resuming old things which I left behind, many many things which I want to do. At one point of time, I just wrote there, “Do what makes you happy :)”. Life is supposed to be that simple, but just forever me over-thinking every single shit in the world. If it makes you happy, embrace it; If it makes you sad, stay away from it.

I must say my threshold for toxicity and bullshit really dropped a lot these days. I have been very vocal about certain stuff, WHICH IN CERTAIN CASES SHOULDN’T BE THE CASE. Why open your mouth when you don’t know anything? I’m better off just ranting it here hor. The biz environment can get so toxic and to the head sometimes, people always seem to have a need to be superior in some way over others… Another daily reminder to follow the resolutions that I have placed for myself at the start of the year, it’s so easy to forget its existence when you let the heat of the moment get the better of you. Never allow others to dictate how your life is going to be, but again easier said than done when sometimes, the only thing you are worried about is everyone else’s opinions other than yourself. Reminder to self again: Do whatever you think is right and stick to your own beliefs and decision. Simple? Time to return to the path I originally built for myself (me acting so chim :P)

I’m proud to say that in the past few weeks, there was a major improvement in terms of everything in life. Okay not everything, but mostly and that will do. Marketing was good (I think haha), so that’s 1 paper down, 3 more to go. The feeling of panic and stress isn’t as strong as the first time I was heading to my finals, which is weird considering that I’m much under-prepared this semester. It has been a mixture of studying alone and with a few people outside. It has been much more productive than being eternally distracted at home (although tiring but only a few more times right?). Having an extra person or two around you really lightens the mood, and reminds you that you aren’t alone in this shit. Shoutout to the very few who asked me out (amidst 1 person which was very surprising) & those who accepted my jio when I asked HAHAHA.

snsd all in









9 more days, you can do it.