I’m forever apologizing here oops… Sorry for the sudden stoppage of posts, I promise there would be many more to come!! The journey in NBC continues, so here we go again~!

We are at the halfway mark boys, which also means Day 3 at NBC! We kicked off the morning having the seniors talking about the various Business FOPs (Freshmen Orientation Projects) set up for us; there’s Rag & Flag, Jam & Hop (aka biz bash), CIP activities, IFG  (Inter Faculty Games) and Orientation Week. I signed up a few of them (just following the crowd), the only one I was really keen on was O-Week since we would be grouped with our future classmates. We had our sponsorship talks after that, and half of the time I was asleep, with the other half surfing or playing with my phone. The only interesting point regarding all these talks were the gifts from the lucky draws, for example books and a powerbank. One of our main sponsors was Great Eastern, so they had the luxury of an half hour talk with us. GE had one of our biz seniors themselves, WH, to talk about financial planning and what basically was a recruitment talk. To encourage people to participate and answer questions, he used the root of all evil.. money. Like a badass, he took out those red and blue notes away for those who came up to speak. E went up as well and got $50 from him, supper’s on him! ^^ Moral of his story? Quoting him: “The greatest failure in life is not participating.” Now me working at Prudential before, I heard this term “financial planning” numerous times before. They always like to say its a win-win situation for both sides when you buy their products. It is true only to a certain extent though, because ultimately you would want your client to purchase whatever high-commission product you have. Whatever it is, I’m in no position to comment since he claims he earn 5k a month and got to travel to various countries due to his good performance within the company. I’m just a little ‘allergic’ to anything related to financial planning/insurance so you could imagine what was going through my mind during the speech.

Time for some pool games!

Time for some pool games!

It’s time for our pool games! We could either walk to the pool there or take the internal shuttle bus to get there. Most of the groups ended up walking, but the lazy us took the bus there. We got lucky as the bus just arived when we reached the bus stop, I’m not a big fan of the water, and my swimming just plainly sucks LOL. I barely passed my swimming/water confidence test back in BMT, and although I can swim, I don’t particularly enjoy the sport. Not all the games required full strength so weaker swimmers like myself just chilled for most of the day. Also, I’m glad for the games that require full strength, no swimming was needed and it’s just playing in the water. Won’t go into it much because seriously I don’t really like water. After the games ended, we were all gathered back to the lecture theater and waited for our next instructions. According to the schedule booklet, it was initiation time for us. The CGLs started to pass us blindfolds, which were basically strips of black rubbish bags, and we were told to put on them and wait. ZY had to wrap us his open wound and when he came back, he told us that we all were going to get fucked. Indeed, while blindfolded and waiting for our turn to be called out, piercing screams from outside could be heard. The CGLs were all saying how they went through the same thing and just “tahan”. Also, N was saying that during his year, he rushed to the toilet to quickly wash and save his shirt. Whatever is heading towards us, it’s going to be baaaaaaaaaad. Whoever was using the laptop was playing random songs, from elmo’s world to the pokemon theme song, which brought some laughter till our inevitable deaths. Hence I chose one of the song as the title of this post, because it’s such a stupid song, but stupidly addictive haha. pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbow~~When it was our turn, we put our hands onto the shoulders of the person in front of us and off we go. It’s the exact same sequence as when we are off for our SP games, only this time it felt like we were pigs going off to a slaughterhouse. After getting guided to the course of doom, and hearing more screams along the way, it was our turn for the BIZAD INITIATION! OH EM GEE. The seniors (I’m guessing) started to pour/put all sorts of food items on us, pouring soy sauce on our hair, putting flour on our face. One guy even pulled out my pants and started to pour unknown stuff down my legs. The guys were made to leopard crawl across more disgusting food stuff, and it was…. long story short; we were fucked. I didn’t like it at all and was constantly hurling vulgarities out LOL (typical me), and after everything is over, we were seated down together with everyone else. Everyone was asking around who were the people near them, as we just wait and wait till more further instructions. We were then told to take off our blindfolds, and we see all the seniors standing together in front of us. Ahhh and I had a quick look at myself, unknown food substances everywhere and I’m just a dirty mess. I smell, I feel sticky, I just want a good shower and feel squeaky clean. Back to the main purpose of all this shit, the seniors started chanting random words and everyone was just watching. I didn’t have my spectacles on so I couldn’t see everything clearly. After the weird chanting, they started going crazy and doing the bizad cheer. The camp PD said a few words, saying like we are now initiated into business and now a part of them. That’s the end of our initiation, and again I ask, was it necessary? It’s human nature that you want people to go through the same shit that you have been through, and normally I would be dropping many f-bombs regarding how ridiculous these activities are, but it’s all cool and I just played along and not be a spoilt sport.

The seniors took our bags and we were off wash up and meet back later for dinner again. The guys decided to go to the toilets at the business block to do a quick wash up before moving off. There was someone there before us already, so the 8 of us had to take turns taking quick rinses. Fortunately, a nice senior guided me, A and D to the handicapped toilet where there was a shower available. The first thing we did was to wash our hair as we all had weird stuff on it. The smell of all the things poured at us started to fill the washroom, and slowly we cleaned ourselves up out of the mess. This kinda reminded me a little from field camp during BMT; that first shower after coming back, it just felt good to be clean again. We all washed our shirts away and it was purely disgusting… *shivers*. I could see the brown sauce coming out of the shirt every time I squeeze the water out of the shirt. The flour was also stuck to the shirt, and I did enough to ensure my shirt was still wearable. PHEW! After washing up, we went back to hall to prepare for the next activity. Most of us went to wash up 1 more time, and the whole group ended up being late. While waiting for the girls, we did nominations for pageant and it was quite obvious who were the ones who will be chosen. I never liked pageants but again I’ll show up for the pageant to show support and maybe the after party.

so this is how it actually looks like if you are an ogl lol!

so this is how it actually looks like if you are an ogl lol!

Meeting back at the lecture theater again, its time for *drumrolls* SP REVELATION TIME! I could tell that some of the girls took extra effort in making sure they look pretty, while some of the guys brought some really good gifts. Back to the lecture theater yet again, and we were instructed to put on our blindfolds for the very last time. Obviously, everyone was excited since they were finally going to meet their secret pal. Hands on shoulder, the group of us 4 guys move off to meet our secret partner. Of course, we were constantly trolled and made to do silly stuff before getting to meet them. I was made to do 100 jumping jacks, and also made to kneel on 1 leg and beg for forgiveness (I don’t know why). At the start, the facilitators brought us each to the wrong SP and questioned whether we recognized the voice of our real SP. The first girl which I was made to kneel to turned out to be JW’s SP and her voice was quite different from mines. We got switched to another SP and was questioned again. I was just in blur sotong mode and I really can’t tell whether the person I was talking to was my SP. I didn’t think the next person was my SP, but it turned out she was my SP and the reason her voice sounded different was because it was dying. MALUUUUUUU TO THE MAX OH GOD WHY… She also had her doubts and we were thinking if we were being trolled again. 3, 2, 1, we were instructed by a facilitator to take out our blindfolds and TADA: My secret pal for NBC is A from Legolas! She kinda reminded me a little of PS, the short but sporty type of girl, and also a little of Amber from f(x), the tomboyish look but has a feminine face. I would have taken a picture with her just for memories sake, but she was saying that she wasn’t a picture person so I decided not to ask for one :x. Cue the awkward silence again after we see each other faces for the first time, especially after all the weird things we were forced to do. Okay not really because A kind of managed to guess who I was, maybe because I was giving too many clues away. I was describing what I was wearing for Day 1,  which was actually a fucking big giveaway. And I also revealed that I was a tall guy wearing spectacles. Honestly, I never thought about it and was giving feeding her information for her to guess about me. We exchanged gifts and I got her the most standard gift ever, Starbucks Card along with a Rilakuma Pen which my mother got from Taiwan! She said that it was actually her first SB Card, which is really surprisingly. It’s either she doesn’t drink much SB, or she made a white lie to make me feel better. (I’m leaning towards the former though) She proceeded to present her gift, which was a mug and the design was drawn by one of the students from Pathlight School, where she volunteered at before. damn the guilt train… I think at the moment I told myself that if I was going for any other camp, I would get a better gift. After chatting for a while, we and all the other pairs made our way back to the lecture theater. While I was looking around, I found L and A sitting together along with a few others. It turns out that A’s SP fell sick during Sentosa Day and had to go back home, while L’s SP went to watch the Taylor Swift concert which happened to be on the same day.

Our first activity after revelation was Fright Night Night Walk! The term fright night was supposedly banned because during a camp a few years ago, a girl got so frightened that she ran and crashed through a glass window. There were 3 rooms prepared for us, as we made our way in 3 different groups to our respective room. Due to time constraints, we only went to 2 of them. The first one for us was needing to find 4 pictures and take a photo of them: Harry Potter, Hermione, Katniss and Peeta. Before the search, they showed us this video and started to play some eerie music. While waiting for our time, screams could be heard from the room. A seriously looked damn chill while I was dying a little inside. I really dislike horror houses and having the constant fear that someone is behind my back or around a corner who is going to jump out and scream at me. We only managed to find 2 of them, and A suggested we turned back to search for them again. OMG seriously this girl has no fear, to be honest I think I was feeling more afraid of her LOL. The second game, we had to find for female names, and many names were stuck onto the floor but there are only 4. We each have only 1 light stick and have to link arms the whole way through. This time around, A did jump a few times but it was mostly her leading the way. I was sweating a bit and when we were told that night walk activities were cut, in my mind I was “OMG thank goodness it’s all over, my weak heart can’t take any more of this shit”. We made our way back to the lecture theater and it was game show time! The male senior who was MC-ing the event was super entertaining, constantly switching between the “SP facilitator” voice and his normal voice. There was your standard lupsup games where the MCs ask for couples to come up and the winners will be able to win marbles for their OG. Topless guys playing Simon Says, random dancing couples and yes, more topless guys doing 7 wonders. It wasn’t the most entertaining program of the day, and it started to feel draggy as everyone’s eyes started to close and heads were falling one by one. By the time all of the games ended, it was close to 2am already. We bidded farewell to our SPs and it was time for all the OGs to prepare for Cheer Fight! Time for another sleepless night ahead, and for those who don’t know what’s Cheer Fight, I would leave the explanation to the next post because this post is exceeding 2.5k words already. To be continued yet again…

Our MCs for the late night game show!

Our MCs for the late night game show!

Day 3 thoughts:

Just want to sleep, can’t wait to sleep till my heart is content. Last night here, can’t wait to be back home! Should I be feeling happy or sad? Now isn’t a good time to be thinking all of this, let’s just get some sleep Nick, sleep well Nick and nights! (that’s what i really wrote, sleep deprivation really can make people insane)



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