NBC 2014: Camp Vindico (Day 1) – New Beginnings

More and more backlogged posts here, no more time to waste so here’s my first steps into university: NUS Business Camp 2014!! Sorry if it’s still too wordy and I would try not to let this be just purely a description of whatever I did, I would of course include some of my opinions along as well. I wanted to write the whole camp experience into a single post, but decided to split it into 2 parts after realizing that I typed out quite a long of stuff. From there, I decided to separate it even further to day by day as I ended hitting over the 4k word count.  There will also be some spoilers pertaining to university camps (especially pertaining to business), so read at your own risk! (because seriously I do not want to spoil the fun) Also, sorry for the lack of pictures because I didn’t have my phone with me most of the time and the photos taken throughout the camp… go find them yourselves if you’re that curious 😛  

Had to reach NUS at 8am on a ‘lovely’ Tuesday morning, so if I wanted to reach on time I would have to leave home by 6.30am. CRAZY!! The day before, my dad returned to Singapore from Taipei and his arrival timing was past midnight so I had to go pick him up. To make matters worse, his flight got delayed for around 1 hour and I didn’t check before leaving home so I was stuck at the airport stoning for a while. By the time I reached home, it was close to 3am so yeah… no such thing as rest early for me LOL. Did my final checks on the things to bring and I’m off to bed, only to wake up a few hours later.  I managed to get a seat on the MRT ride there, and despite me leaving home on time, I was still late LOL… this time only by 15 minutes though. Can’t imagine myself travelling to school in the future, need to leave home at least 1 and a half hour before whatever time the first lesson is to make sure I reach in time. Day 1 was the more relax day and we had station games in NUS till lunch. There was games such as captain’s ball with a chicken and squid, drinking weird mixtures etc. and this is start of girl-boy activities. (I’ll touch on that later) Like any orientation, the aim was to win as many games as possible to earn points. At every station, we were required to perform cheers as well for the station masters to earn points as well. Our CGLs thought us some simple cheers to do and since it was the first day, everyone was awkward and not as enthusiastic as what the facilitators wished. The cheers were all along the fighting theme since our group name Kratos is the god of war! The most memorable cheer is where we go “We will fight you fight you fight you!”, because it sounds like fuck you LOL. The main committee members were also roaming around and giving out marbles (which are worth points as well) to groups which are willing to perform some ‘tasks’. This is where the eye-opener starts to begin. For marbles, all of the guys will be basically surround one of the female committee members, start air humping and chant: “Marbles (which sounded close to my balls) for marbles”… yes so degrading lols. This is also where I learnt the term ‘lupsup’, it was the first time I heard of this term. How do we use this word? For example: You very lupsup. LOL it just means ‘dirty’. I didn’t have breakfast before leaving home so I felt freaking hungry and couldn’t wait for lunch. Kratos ended the morning winless, but no worries since now the only way we could go is up haha!

Day 1 at NBC!

Day 1 at NBC!

We had our lunch and checked into our place of stay for the camp: Kent Ridge Hall! Every one of us has our own room and bed, so instead of bringing a sleeping bag, I just brought my pillow and blanket LOL! The guys in our group stayed on the 2nd floor (which is the same level as the ground floor) while the girls stayed on the 5th floor. Something went wrong with JT’s card so he didn’t stay at the same block as us. The room is really quite small, but I suppose sufficient for everyday living. We had roughly an hour worth’s of break time at our rooms so most of the guys went to take power naps. I really wanted to take a nap as well, but I was quite drenched due to the sweat so I didn’t bother washing up or changing out to another shirt since it’s probably to get dirty again (and it was a good choice). Met up at the lecture theater again at 4pm and we were off to our wet/dirty games. Yes, it was really dirty as the games involved, there was soap which was alright, and then there was food, where it starts to get a little disgusting. There was this game where there’s this pool of unknown stuff and there were different fruits inside on this pool. The station master would ask some to a task (jumping jacks, pushups etc.) before and we would have to race to the pool and find the food item. It was my turn and I was way ahead but suddenly, the guy who was behind me came up and pulled me down into the pool. FUCK, I MEAN SERIOUSLY FUCK. Bleh the awful vinegar taste lingered on my tongue, and I was closed to exploding because that was uncalled for. I really had the thought of just confronting the guy and asking what’s his problem was because that wasn’t necessary at all, but fortunately the other group’s facilitators were super empathetic and just kept asking if I was alright and apologized numerous times to me. That fucker didn’t bother to apologize to me though hmph… It was Day 1 only so I sort of hold it in and assured them that I was alright, with a smile of course 😀 I think someone put a bounty of marbles for N, as suddenly 6 guys rush up to him and tries to drag him to the pull, but to no avail as all of us just stand at the side at awe as he overpowers every single one of them. He threw his elbow which hit one of the guys, and although he didn’t really had to apologize since he was just defending himself, he still did so. Also, N and the other facilitator ended up in the pool together. Now that’s a gentleman right there. There was also this game where youhave to link arms with your partnet and you’ll  have to burst your opponent’s balloon which was tied at the ankle and it was played on this soapy surface, I lost in less than 15 seconds LOL (malu ttm >.<). I love games *sarcastic tone* We avoided the most dirtiest game though as the opponent didn’t turn up in time, and we got a walkover and earned a draw (double victory woohoo). Kratos still wasn’t able to get our first victory… so instead we were very focused in getting marbles instead and harassed all the main committee members. As quoted by E: “It’s not about the points, it’s all about the marbles”. 

After changing out, we had dinner and it was onto SP games. For those don’t know what SP means, it means secret pal/secret partner. I myself didn’t know what the term was when the guys were talking about SP. I was like “what is SP? Please tell me!”in whatsapp and WZ enlightened on what it actually meant. In the lecture theater, we were all instructed to put on our blindfolds and wait till further instructions. Then the most annoying voices EVER came out… “boy boy here, boy boy there”, and they keep making us do weird stuff, like sounding off choo choo like a train, and I totally HATED IT when unknown people poked me at the side as I’m super sensitive there. We were led out in groups of 4 and off to our dating game SP games! I had L, A and JW in my group and we were given codenames; my codename was “Running Man” since I was wearing my marathon finisher shirt that day. The girls were named according to Disney princess names and we all got a chance to talk to them for a short period of time, while being forced to hold hands of course… I didn’t want any sudden awkward silence so I asked some standard questions: What school were you from? What CCA did you participate? What are your interests? I would say it was a pretty interesting experience cause it seriously felt like some speed dating show LOL, and being blindfolded, there is no worries regarding looks, and I just ranked them on how I clicked with them. Okay to be honest I couldn’t remember what I spoke to all of them and I gave my facilitators a headache by asking them what was the order I met them. whoops! In the end, they let us meet the final SP assigned to each toehr, and I got Cinderella, who was my 2nd choice! It turned out she also placed me among her top 2 choices. The only facts I know about her was that she was from NYJC and was from Touch Rugby and CSC. Talked to her a bit more and we bid farewell. Afterwards, we were led back to the lecture theater for the final event of Day 1, Food Auction!! The name speaks for itself, so we bid for food items using the points that we earned for the day. The catch is that the food is hidden inside these mystery boxes and the only clue we get is the descriptions that the ‘hosts’ are given us. SURPRISE SURPRISE, despite not winning any game, we did not have the least points, but the 3rd least points.. YAYYYY! The first food item we got were 2 large boxes of honey stars, and our 2nd item *drumroll* was Domino’s Pizza! There were quite a lot of good stuff, such as laoban, McDonalds, and of cource when you have the good, there’s always a bad. There’s a tradition supposedly in biz that a cabbage is one of the items and fortunately, it wasn’t my group who got it! In addition, the seniors had their own competition among themselves as earned us Subway cookies as well! To be honest, I felt like the group has been disappointing to our CGLs, so hopefully we will be able to get our first victory soon! We enjoyed our supper and the CGLs were asking if we wanted to order in more, but everyone was tired and we called it a day.

All hail the cabbage!

All hail the cabbage!

Day 1 Thoughts: (I have been diligently writing these down at the end of each day hehe so it’s just a copy and paste from my diary)

It’s only Day 1 so I haven’t adapted back to ‘civilian life’ so far. Especially since in the army, where I have been surrounded with guys for 2 years, it feels like a complete new shift. Not totally enjoy it so far, but changes are inevitable. So instead of running away, let’s try to embrace these changes! Don’t worry too much Nick, just be yourself and enjoy yourself here! Okays can’t wait to crash, nights!


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