I realized that there is a lot of stuff that I want to write about, and I have been restricting myself to a single topic for every post. So for this post, I decided to do a summary of how the first 2 months of 2013 has been. I know it may seem a little early, and although nothing much may have happened, I would still like to cover them in here.


And boom, it’s March!

At first glance, it seems like an uneventful start to the brand new year, with life looking like merely Sunday night book-ins and Friday afternoon book-outs. This common feeling of a lack of direction in life started to creep in yet again, with life looking like just an countdown to ORD. There were many things that I wanted to achieve, but army have been just a convenient excuse to push all of them away. I failed my first driving test miserably due to the inability to calm my nerves and having need to go for a retest is going to cost me another few hundred dollars, along with some weekends. My Korean studying sessions in camp have been fading away, I have been getting lazier to run. I have been just so tired despite not doing anything that sleeping over the weekends doesn’t seem all that bad now. Slowly I’m starting to crawl back into the cave aka home, and I have been spending time alone rather than going out to meet other people. In short, I have been procrastinating a lot and do not have my end-point in mind. With so much free time, what do I really want to achieve before I ORD? Is army really the reason that is stopping me for reaching to my goals? I definitely need a change in mindset and perhaps a few short-term goals to kickstart my engine again. Hey, it may be only 2 months in 2013, but time waits for no one.

Running wise, running hasn’t been all that kind to me. Last year, the runs I did have been beyond my expectations and I’m quite satisfied with them. Did 2 runs so far, and the results from both were far from my expectations. Running around the NUS campus, my future torture chamber home for 4 years was quite cool, but the course was too hilly and I didn’t adapt well. For U-Run, my stamina was good but I was’t as fast as I wanted to be. Although I have been running a lot, my timings have not improved as much as I wanted. Shall not fret over timings since I picked up running not for the results, but as a hobby where I can feel great after doing it and also at the same, lose weight HAHA! With my second year IPPT window opening soon, maybe it’s time to head to the gym and work out a little to make sure I’m in shape. In the end, I’m still glad that I took up running and I myself could feel a lot more energetic and healthier as compared to the overweight me 5 years back who eats fast food everyday and doesn’t care about his body. If I want to accomplish something, no excuses can be given and there’s only one solution: work towards it. It’s not going to magically finish by itself. I have been procrastinating my running plans as well since I feel that running is now something secondary instead. Need to plant my end goal in mind (the 42km) to stay focus and to work towards that end goal, there’s only one thing to do: RUN

소원을 말해봐~! I wanted a SNSD Korean comeback, and I got 1! Other than the awesome performances they put out every week, it was awesome to see them make an appearance on several variety shows. Taeyeon and Seohyun’s solo parts are daebak, and I can say that SNSD is setting yet another trend in Kpop dances. They absolutely nailed a concept which was risky and I’m happy they are reaping the fruits of their hard work. The song did feel weird in the beginning but after a while, it starts to stick on you and it has become a must in my song playlists as well. It’s a pity that they had to end promotions so early due to their Japan concerts T.T. Watching them perform/appear on shows has been my vitamin and keeping me cheerful over the boring times in camp. Fortunately, I still have quite a few variety shows stocked up to watch (along with my dramas). I can tell I’m totally back in fanboy mode again. Although TaeTiSeo are my bias, it’s great to see all 9 of them back on stage together. I shall leave the detailed fanboying to another post as I do not want to go on and type out chunks of words on how awesome the 9 of them are. Yes, I’m still totally digging Seohyun’s bangs, she looks even younger than before! And yes, I’m waiting for them to come back for a concert again. SM, MAKE IT HAPPEN!


The obligatory Seohyun picture ❤

Just a few weeks ago, I told myself to move on from you. Instead, my feelings got the better of me and I did the exact opposite. It felt like deja vu when I sent that text, and I question myself on how I found the courage to press that send button, knowing that there’s a chance that I may get hurt again if anything was to start again from it. It’s a horrible feeling when you know that you need to let go, but somehow it’s just that difficult because I’m still hoping for the impossible miracle to happen. The same questions I ask myself a few months ago still remain, “How would it be like between us now if I didn’t confess to you?” along with many others which I’m lazy to type out. Now, I’m not opening to my friends regarding this topic like I used to. It feels like if I let them know, I become more vulnerable and look more like a joke, still holding onto this one-sided affair. All of the above is actually nothing much, it’s just that I decided to complicate things for myself LOL. For now, I shall try not to think much about it because it isn’t necessary at all and it robs away all the happiness. Shall just let the answer come out by itself as time passes instead of forcing one out. Anyway, I’m glad that we’re at least on talking terms again. I know that you will do just fine so just stay positive and strive hard to be your best k, fighting! 🙂

Okay this post feels like a mixture of here and there, maybe I shall fall back to my old style of posts. Other than that, cheers to being 50% into our NS life (will do another post regarding army soon, I promise!). 3 more weeks to my 2nd driving test… KEEP CALM AND GET MY LICENSE! And 4 more weeks to my first half-marathon. So my March wish? Just let it be a better one than how the other 2 months have been.


Seriously how can you NOT love them?

One can continue to fanboy right hehe 😛


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