Mind Over Body

Quickly taking the chance to type out something before I run out of ideas :O

End of Week 8, 2 more weeks to GP Prelims, 4 more weeks to Prelims. Time flies REALLY, REALLY fast, and I’m not even 50% prepared. Honestly, I feel myself burning out already even though I didn’t really do much. I really hate school and starting to lose my motivation, a really long study break would be awesome. Hopefully, I can get my drive back because this is seriously the most important 3 months remaining in my 12 years in education. It’s the final lap of the long marathon, just gotta believe that I can do it, and as always, put in the constant effort and make my dreams turn in reality.

Another thing to take note this A’s is not a competition with others, it’s ultimately the battle against you and yourself. I always like to relate back to the classic analogy of brick walls, it’s there to show how badly you want it. There’s no shortcut in overcoming that brick wall, just hard work. I really, really want to own those people right in front of their faces. But of course, the main motivation should be fueled by something more happy instead of anger. I always remind myself not to compare myself and limit my growth. Other than that, I should not care about the results of others. I see myself being bottom 10% of the cohort into jumping into the top 30% of the cohort this year. If I can do amazing things like this, then I really have no idea what my limit is, and all I can do is just push myself, with the exception of burning myself out. Maybe it’s time to hit back at Starbucks and perharps pon a few schooldays :O

The last thing I would want to cover is my slacking, which is really going from bad to worse. One word: FOCUS. Ahhh, shit I’m seriously dropping into the mentality that I cannot study consecutive hours like before due to school and other lousy excuses, but hopefully again I would like to build my groove which I have been losing due to this fucked up thing called school. Lol I seriously hate school and it’s really becoming a waste of time, of course with a few exceptions such as the excellent Mr.Ng and Mr. Chang. It’s again a battle against myself, and really controlling myself from the external events and distractions. Concentrate, relax and also enjoy the ride. I found myself repeating again, and again, and I’m really running out of words haha.

Tried to keep this post short and sweet, other than that, all the best to myself HAHA. Hwaiting!

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