It’s been a week only?

1 week of school which felt like forever. TGIF lol, I was supposed to post this yesterday but I fell asleep because I was so god damn tired.

After 1 week of school, I still got that strange feeling that I got last year before EOYs. The ‘me against the world’ feeling which inspired me to push for my exams. I’m having it right now zzz. My class haven’t changed a bit lol. But I think I have been blessed with very good classmates for the past 4 years. Having quite a laugh people around me and helping me forget the sinking feeling which makes me keep sighing for no apparent reason. I’m already starting to doubt myself, thinking “why am I doing this”, or “why am I thinking this way”. It’s only been a week into school, but it felt like a month. I got a feeling of the path I’m going to take for school, and it may not be pretty. I seriously need some alone time, makes me think better. People change, and so do I. I need to be myself and ignore all the negative influence around me. God I got so many things to write that I can’t recall.

So what am I going to do? Just relax, stop spazzing around, and focus at the end goal. Why should I bother about others? They are just not worth it, even though it may hurt sometimes seeing people have fun and you not. But now I will draw line, I don’t give a damn. That’s their lives, not mine. Why choose I care how they live their lives? I don’t have even enough time to care about mines. I’m gonna make another miracle again, and show to people that the one I did last year was no fluke.

Maybe I just found my inspiration. Haha. btw I’m hooked to King Of Anything by Sara Bareilles. I think acoustic performances are awesome. Damn I need a box drum soon…