This blog screams dead. lol
Barely updated this graveyard. Still getting a few views, mostly searching for SNSD stuff. Haven’t seen them in a while, and now I only listen to Genie in my iPod Touch. (Seriously this is the only SNSD song I’m not sick of, their performances as well.)

I’ll probably add a few stuff here and there, my experience at CenterStage, my view on YOG in Singapore, SNSD stuff and maybe some school crap. Other than that, I do not have porn in my blog. Lol people have been searching “snsd naked” kind of crap. Lazy to post a SS. Now doing a GP Essay Plan for submission to our new GP teacher. The question?

“With reference to Singapore, consider the view that hosting major sporting events can only benefit a country.”

Has it helped Singapore? Ha


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