Transformers II ain’t so bad


Just a quick post before the Youth Day holidays, went to watch the much-hyped Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with the guys in 4F, and it wasn’t as horrible as most critics mentioned. Maybe this is made for the youthful due to the non-stop action at the end, too much I think. When Michael Bay was pumping $200m into the movie, bigger doesn’t mean better. Anyway those who haven’t watch yet, don’t read the next paragraph. Big spoilers

The first hour shows the Autobots killing off other Decepticons who are still around, and ‘The Fallen will be back”, after which shows Sam trying to get a normal life and discovering an All-spark piece, he start going nuts and write out symbols. This is the part which had a story plot, and coupled with some scenes of Mikaela
and Alice, who are Megan Fox and Isabel Lucas.

The first scene which show Mikaela spray-painting something. Damn!

transformers2isable lucas
Isabel Lucas plays Alice, who stole the show for the 1st 30 minutes before never appearing again. Sadly.

The next 90 minutes or so are just action scene after action. Optimus Prime dies, Sam and Mikaela take 30 mins of screen-time just reaching his dead body to sprinkle miracle dust which was formally a key and later at the end went back to a key. Makes sense? No one really cared, and everyone was too engrossed with the action. At the end, Optimus Prime gets revived, smashs the Decepticons and woooo happy ending. The story plot was very dissapointing, I think a 12 year-old boy could have thought of it, but hey who cares? We get to see huge robots transforming from cars or jets to this 10m-tall robots and smash the hell out of each other.

So how would I rate it, I would give it a 3/5. Don’t get your hope highs up. I didn’t due to all those reviews and Rotten Tomatoes only 20% were positive, so I was quite ok with the movie. Will post another time after week 2’s test.


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