When you’re down and low, lower than the floor

And you feel like you ain’t got a chance, BUM BUM BUM
Dont make a move till youre in the groove and do the Peter Panda dance
(Clap, clap) Just hop three times like a kangaroo
Side-step twice just like those crabs do
Three steps forward, one step back
Quick like a turtle lie on your back
Roll like a log *(whisper) till you cant roll no more*
Gotta jump quick like there ain’t no floor
Hold your breath, jump to the left
Thats the Peter, I swear thats the Peter, thats the Peter Panda dance.

From the movier The Pacifier. Quite a nice movie. haha

Last 2 weeks of the term, and CTs are coming. Now piled up with work, work and more work. And when you think it’s all gone and you can have a break during the holidays. BAM! More work. Ouch… So really moody now and just slacking around. Failed Chem and Chinese Tests, just can’t wait for the holidays to come.

Recovering from flu and feeling better. Don’t worry guys, Guardian will be back! Hope still have a bit of time left for March Holidays, fuck schoolwork. Never give up. If I fall down, I will stand up, and if I quit, I’m ultimately the loser.

Another story from a guy I met from FinalStory MS. He likes to send stories.


The Tea Pot Story

A couple went into an antique shop and they saw this beautiful magnificent little tea pot sitting high upon a shelf. They just fell in love with that little teapot. And they said, “We have got to have that teapot.”

They were admiring the tea pot and all of a sudden the teapot began to talk to them. It said, “You know, I haven’t always been like this. There was a time when nobody would have wanted me. There was a time when I was not attractive at all and not much use to the master. I was so broken and not fit for anything but the trash I thought.”

You see there was a time in my life when I was just an old hard gray lump of clay and the Master Potter came along and picked me up one day and he began to pat, twist, turn me and reshape me and I said, “Stop it ! What are you doing? That hurts! Don’t do that! Leave me alone! ” And he simply looked at me and said, “Not Yet.” And then he put me on this wheel and he began to spin me around and around and around and around and I got so dizzy that I couldn’t even hardly see where I was going anymore. I was loosing it! Everything was spinning around and around and around and I felt sick to my stomach and I said, ” Let me off of here!” And he said, “Not yet.”

The oven door had glass in it and the Master would look in there and he had this big old grin on his face and this certain look in his eyes. And he wouldn’t let me out. And he would just smile at me and say, “Not yet.” Finally, the oven door opened and he took me out and set me up on a shelf and I thought “Whew!” Thank YAHUVEH that is over! But then he began to paint me all over with this stinking paint changing my color from gray to this pretty GOLD that I am now. And I said, “This stuff stinks! It is choking me! Kawf, hack! kawf, I don’t like this smell! Stop IT! Stop it! Stop it! He would just say, “Not Yet.” (Anybody recognize the symptoms?) I have said these words to YAHUSHUA, have you? Then he put me back in the oven for the second time over and this is called the second firing. And it was twice as hot as the first oven and I thought I will die in here for sure. This is the end of me! This will finish me off. “GET ME OUT OF HERE, I CAN’T STAND IT! I CAN’T STAND IT! Really I am telling you I can’t stand it! This is going to kill me, get me out of here now!” And he just looked through that glass and say, “NOT yet”

And then one day the door opened and he took me out and put me up here on this shelf to let me cool off. And after I cooled off one day, he came by and he handed me this mirror and I looked at myself and I couldn’t believe how beautiful I was. I couldn’t believe how I had changed! I didn’t look anything at all like that old piece of gray clay that I started out to be. Now I am this beautiful little delicate “tea pot” and everybody wants me now.



Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do.
Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.


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