Tests, tests and more tests

1st post for the week. So let’s start on a high note

Got 17/20 for Maths Matrices CT, and now I’m a believer. “If you believe you can do it, most likely you can” Been flunking Chinese and got a 0 for close passage. How the hell do you managed to get none correct out of 10? You can’t always be a winner >_>

Calender for Tests
Week 6 – LA Media Test, HCL Test
Week 7 – Chem Test
Week 8 – Physics Test
Week 9 – LA Compre Test

and most likely… a Trigo III Test as well. Ouch

If you practise before the test, you should be alright, if you don’t, you’re screwed.
Well I’m now having fun with my iTouch and watching videos of my favourite Taiwan shows. Trying to finish downloading DJ Max Fever, looks good. And my dad is back, so no more late night DoTa.

My iTouch on the left(1st gen), my dad’s iTouch on the right(2nd gen)
double itouch

Double iToch FTW!


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